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While preparing topics for our two month India April-May 2002 project, I remembered the time in Russia when I needed to illustrate the Bible text Psalms 23.

I fell asleep exhausted the week before departure. I was asking God how to illustrate Psalms 23 and then I fell asleep praying. I dreamed I had a patient that brought me a sheep skin. Also the pastor had a shepherd's rod that would be helpful. When I awoke, I prepared to go see patients at my doctors office pondering my dream. As I saw who was coming in for that day, I saw the same patient that I had dreamed about. When he came in, I told him I dreamed he found me a sheepskin for illustrating Psalms 23 in Russia. The dream made sense for this man worked at the Woolen Mills. He told me only wool came in but perhaps he could glue some onto canvas and that would work. While he was at work he told of his project to a fellow worker. This fellow worker said he had a sheepskin on his wall at home that would be just what I could use. This man was Indian. 

Well, the useful sheepskin absorbed shock and bumps to my equipment and protected it while bouncing over piles of ice in 40 degree below zero Fahrenheit  weather in Siberia. It worked out very well in helping children understand when they had never seen a lamb.
I wrapped it about children as I told how Jesus is like a lamb. He died so we could live.

I returned the skin with gratitude and wished I had one of my own now for my trip into India. I prayed about it and gave up after searching.


I totally forgot about it until one day a week ago. We were finishing some purchases and one of my children spotted a cart off to the side up by the register. It had two sheepskins in it. I had my children take one up to buy it. The cashier did not know what price to place on it so charged 114 dollars. The helper took it over to the manager and looked up prices in the computer. She was sure the price was only 30. She was right. It was $ 29.99. We were refunded our overpayment. They told me someone had brought these in for a refund that very morning. Since they were not a for sale item, they just did not know what to do with them. So that is why they were laid aside on that cart.

I know WHO put those there and I just bought  one of them. As far as I know, that is all I needed.