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Daily the shy taxi driver faithfully took team members to meeting and around to distribute posters for advertising. He generously made a cut in his requests for money in order to help out in what we were doing. One day he made the comment that he was watching the exhausted children falling asleep at meeting and dragging themselves home yet upon arriving at the home, they faithfully helped carry bags from his trunk. He was so impressed that he told pastor that he was going to bring his own family to meetings.
This fine man one day asked if I would pray for him. He had a deep desire he had for children. He was sad that though happily married, there were no children to bless their home. I was happy to pray for him that God would grant the desires of his heart if they be according to His will. I would love to have this man blessed for the blessings he brought to us faithfully taking us where we needed to go. Sometimes there were 10 people in the taxi at one time. The 7 of us plus 2 Indian men and the driver.
He told us that he had only once as a child entered a church. He was pleased with what he saw and wanted the joy in his heart.
He was pleased to drive the long distance to Secundrabad to get 500 Bibles for our work in Tenali. On the way his car overheated and it took many hours of patience and trouble to get the Bibles. The Bibles looked even more beautiful for all the trouble and cost it took to get them.
One day  in Tenali, Jenny's body was burning with fever. My  flower of a 10 year old girl lay still and helpless. Her flute was still  as she lay on the back seat in the taxi. She could not provide her usual song for the meeting that night.  I did all I could to help my daughter survive her high fever. She was vomiting. It was real hard for me to preach. I looked to heaven and asked for special strength. The crowd was waiting. Little Shalise offered to watch over Jenny. The taxi driver placed his car right behind the stage curtain where I stood preaching outdoors. My little girl was only 12 feet away from me. This comforted my heart.
The taxi driver was most concerned and installed a little fan on the inside of his car. He provided everything he could think of for her comfort and tenderly watched over her as a father while I preached. May God bless this man for his kindness to us. I pray that he will find the joy of eternal life as he studies his new Bible.

Jenny was still sick as we left Tenali for Neena's orphanage up north. I had planned to give a gift to the taxi driver as I left but did not see him at the right time to do this. I pray that God will bless him for all his kindness to us.