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It was difficult locating the quantity of Bibles were wanted for each set of meetings. At first all we could find was New Testaments. Later we purchased 500 at a distant town called Secundrabad. The journey to pick up the Bibles took longer than expected for the taxi overheated and progress was so slow. The unusual heat wave that we had to battle with complicated vehicle transport.
We were so thankful to find Bibles and the reception at the meeting was very positive. Everyone wanted a Bible. What a thrill it was to deliver the WORD of God into the hands of those who hunger for truth.
So many were touched with joy and hugged their Bibles. Others were disappointed and cried when the last one was given before they received one. The pastor wanted only those who were baptized to get one but after they received theirs, then there were more Bibles available so we gave on a first come first serve basis.
All of the quiet team members became involved in this part enjoying giving away this highly treasured gift. A total of 800 Bibles were given out in this region for the glory of God.
The little ten year old girls really enjoyed this part of the last program.
This president of a village enjoyed getting her complimentary copy of the Bible. She had done many things to help us set up our meetings in her village. In clinic we had tried hard to fit her mother with glasses which could help her see but nothing we had left seem to help.

There are many gifts given in the world. But the treasures which last the longest are the WORD of God. The truths found, if believed and obeyed, will result in eternal life.

This one woman crawled through the large crowd. She was too crippled to walk. She struggled to reach the Bible supplies before they were gone. With what joy she received her copy. Tears came to my eyes as I thought of the story of the woman in the crowds about Jesus who succeeded in touching the hem of HIS garment and being healed.