Unforgettable Train Ride

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Dr. Melvin's face looked so calm as he worked the price down that the noisy porters demanded. He stood taller than all of them He had such a look of peace on his face. It seemed his face was glowing. We had just prayed together that a miracle would happen and we could get through the sea of people and onto the train without one bag or one person missing. We did not have any idea where the train was and which car  our tickets were for.

The porters knew by looking at the tickets. They also knew how to barge through the crowd. It was only a few minutes till the train would leave. The porters carried 1-2 bags each on their heads (17 items) They plowed through the sea of people swarming the train station. Dr. Melvin instructed we stay on their heels. I grabbed Jenny and pulled luggage along. We moved right in the open space  the porters left as they dashed through the crowd.

I lost track of my 3 sons and prayed as I went that my children could find their way before the train pulled out of the station. Lloyd lost track of me but said he looked up to see red bags moving through the crowd. He pushed through the crowd in that direction. We had no idea which train car to get into. The rest of the boys used the same method to find their way.

Finally we arrived at the train where the bags were. I saw Dr. Melvin urging all to get into the train. Quickly I counted my four children. They were all there and so was Barbara and her daughter. Wow! Then I counted the bags. I was shaking! The train started moving.

Dr. Melvin had helped me with expenses of which I paid the conductor so there would be no problems at the other end. Then I wanted to thank the ambulance driver Daniel but could not see him. The train was moving. Dr. Melvin smiled, shook my hand and promised to pray. He gave me some slips of paper with promises he had written to keep up my courage. He promised God would never leave or forsake me. I read and reread those promises. It was a beam of light from heaven.

 Last minute there was Daniel and others to say goodbye as the train pulled out of the station.

The 7 hour trip from there to Chennai was pleasant with air conditioning. At Tenali, an hour later, Pastor Jaya and Uma boarded the train and watched out for us and our bags at each stop. God granted us an easy transfer and comfortable ride to Cuddalore for the night meeting. We arrived a few minutes after the meeting started. I washed my face and began speaking praying for God to give wisdom on what to say. The next day we set up the sanctuary. Pastor Jaya and Uma were helpful yet challenged for this was the first indoor set of the sanctuary props they had experienced.  The Pentecostal pastor had lost his 13 year old son and was grieving. Our 3 days of meetings gave him hope. A man was hired to video the meetings at the request of the pastor. The meeting was translated into Tamil.
After things were set up, Pastor Jaya and Uma returned to Tenali. We appreciated their help. They were not able to speak the local language of Tamil and were not able to translate any more for us.