Remote Clinic

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Neena arranged for a clinic to be done for a remote village that could be reached only by 5 hours one way by launch up the Godavari River. We made a long special day of it.  After packing our simple medical bag, a lunch bag and water, and camera with film, we were ready for this new different adventure.
It was soothing and quiet in comparison to the loud noises and masses of people we had treated and saw at meetings every night in Tenali. God really brought us healing in the fresh breezes for the 10 hours we traveled on this river. Along the way, we stopped near a village and people brought food to the launch for us to eat.
Miles of peaceful scenes opened before us.  At the destination we saw a beautiful waterfall. There was a tree with Jack Fruit hanging in it. Our feet felt so good in the cool stream.

After we cooled off, we saw a few patients that came to be treated.  We had clinic on the steps of this hermitage. One man had an injured toe that had a fungal infection. I provided charcoal to soak it. He sat there with his foot in charcoal water while I treated others.

The little girl on the right stood watching it all. She was so pretty. We wondered why she never smiled.

Another little girl was swollen  around her eyes. She had stomach pain and nausea. Other symptoms led me to believe she had a urinary tract infection. I gave her Jenny's antibiotics. This was probably the easiest clinic day and the most fun with the long boat ride.

It was a very hot day but by evening we watched the stars from the roof of the launch. Jenny curled up in my lap as I sang her to sleep. Large egrets flew in formation to their night roosting places. Many water birds flew overhead. There was a beautiful rainbow spot in the clouds. I really enjoyed visiting with our host. We arrived back at the cars way after dark. We walked through a wide section of hot sand in the dark. I thought about the scorpions and trusted God would guide our feet safely. I knew that He could protect us from stings of scorpions and He did.