Neenas Orphanage

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After we completed 21 days of evangelistic work in Tenali area, we were picked up by Neena to go to her orphanage. She saw quickly that we were exhausted and she planned activities for the children to get rested up. She had 2 guest rooms ready for us that were so nice and comfortable. We had a fabulous memory filled week  with Neena. This dear lady had a masters degree and could have chosen a life of ease and a good income yet she wanted this ministry for children. Her dear husband met in a tragic fatal motor cycle accident and now she is a widow bravely carrying on the work she and her husband had begun.
It was therapy to join into the fun of the children in dowsing each other with water. The orphans were afraid to get me wet but as I encouraged it, then they really had fun. They did not stop with a little dipper full of water like I used. They took a whole bucket full after me. It was fun. They loved my squeals when they got me wet. They sweetly called me "auntie" How they followed me around after our fun!

Neena said it made all the children thrilled for finally someone was there to interact with them. In my heart I wanted to show them I cared. I can't imagine what it would have been like not to have parents who played with me. I can't imagine the empty life an orphan has. I had learned in Russia that a child heart is opened to listen to what you have to say about Jesus if you play simple childhood games with them. The adult heart is opened by free medical clinics. A child heart opens a bit different.

Jesus loved the children. He remembered that he was once a child, and his benevolent countenance won the affections of the little ones. They loved to play around him, and to stroke that loving face with their innocent hands. {RH, March 21, 1882 par. 14}

I want to be like Jesus. How I long to reflect His love and tenderness.


There was such excitement on the faces of the little children as they played with their new toys. My sister Jeanie had sent many cars and dollies and beanie toys and clothes. My auntie had also sent clothes.  The people in my Spokane church had sent the teddies and nice clothes. So many families made nice things for me to take. The little children kneeled and thanked God for HIS blessings on them. It just made me want to bring in a big semi truck load  more of blessings. I know now why God likes to give us more when we appreciate and take time to thank HIM. So many go around complaining instead of spending their time writing down and thanking God for the blessings.
Neena carefully instructed the children to kneel and thank God. It was precious to see.
What fun it was to see the joy on their faces.
These children had never had toys like these. It was a very happy day for them. Those little cars were rolling everywhere. They had fun with the penny we gave each of them. They loved the balloons, pencils, pens, combs, toothbrushes, etc.
During vision screening we discovered there were several who could be helped by reading glasses.
We had a new experience riding this rickshaw drawn by bicycle. I rode the little ways to church.
This little mother enjoyed the baby dresses for her baby.
In the evening after Sabbath, we held a little free medical clinic for Neena's church members. We worked till we were so exhausted, I fell asleep during Neena's translation of one persons symptoms. She hurried me off to bed to catch up on my rest.
We began to sing our favorite song. "My hands that were full now are empty, my heart that was empty now is full, full overflowing at last I am growing from what I leave behind. Life eternal life, my treasures are finally forever. ...The riches of Christ will fail me never, I put my trust in Him....
This orphanage was our home base all week from where we went out to do clinics where Neena wanted to create more interest in the truth. These stories will be under separate title. God worked miracles for us.