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Here is a list the stories on India 2002. I am starting to load them on (June 4) and will continue till all 55-60 stories of answered prayers and more are up on WEB. The  above list of buttons  will grow as these are completed. Just click on the above buttons to go to the stories. It is assumed they will be read in order. They are in order of events of our 2 months in India. The following list is my reminder to get all stories up as listed. Perhaps more will be added as I review the journals we kept.

They will be grouped by region that we are in. A map is provided to help you follow.

1. April 8-10,2002  Luggage miracles

2. April 10 Porter Demands: Bombay arrival and transport to second airport

3. April 11  Hyderabad arrival and meeting with kind pastor and church member.

4 April 11 Train accident

5.  Tenali area  4 village efforts draw 7,000.

6A. Tenali orphans 11 given shoes toys and clothes

6.  Healed 3 year old boy son of helper Nagarjuna  (fever of 105)

7.  Healed teenage girl with fever and chills

8.  Demons cast out

  Thousands attend outdoor meetings

9.   1:30AM funeral

10.  Bibles treasured

11. Taxi Driver interested in the gospel

12. Pastor's old Bible study notes Keepsake

13. Night Watch

14. "Go to Your Room" girl

15. Chapotes Indian flat bread for Table of Shewbread

16. Baptisms

17. Dr. Melvin of Nuzvid visits us promising any help.

18. Television and news paper coverage

19. Praying in homes

20. Lodging arrangements.

21. Neena Shanti Orphanage visit and outreach 53 orphans

22. Children excited by water play

23. Church service on forgiveness helps heal wounds

24. Vision screening and school tours

25. Visit to nearby giant church for site seeing.

26. Clinics in villages near by orphanage

27. God's electricity for meeting at Gayana gudem

28. Launch trip up river to hold clinic 5 hrs in by boat. 

29. Nuzvid Gifford Memorial Hospital Garlands us

30. Ambulance transport of luggage 

31. Daily morning devotions for hospital

32. Nightly Sanctuary lectures in church. Carpenters provide nice frame.

33. God's Power outage solution: 

Chaplain takes us to little village God answers prayer

34. Infant in emergency room

35. Heat challenged at 130 degrees

35.  Scorpion on unlighted path

36. Loved and honored

37. Free medical clinics at Nuzvid hospital

38. Frightening train experience to Chenai

39. Cuddalore  meetings in Pentecostal church

40. Green Pastures school  nearby village pastor

41. Answered Prayer in finding Hosur orphanage

42. Timed gate meeting and assistance to Bangalore

43. Bangalore Lowry College meetings and clinic

44. Hosur orphanage 52 orphans

45. Sunshine orphanage-95 orphans

46. Ox Cart Ride Bangalore last night

47. Stranded in Bombay

48. Dangerously ill sons

49. Consider the Lilies Mt. 6 Don't worry

50. Hotel lodging emergency in Bombay

51. All things work together for good

52 Opposition to airline ticket rerouting

53. Danger to graphics projector