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The keyboard is such a special part of my expressions of joy as I sing to God. As I sing, the dark clouds that gather about me just seem to vanish. I cannot go anywhere without this special instrument. It is used even more on the Sabbath day as we make more music in our hearts.
In our meetings, we sing scripture songs and teach them to those who come to meetings. We have done this in many languages and people have asked for it to be recorded so many can learn these songs. It is available on CD with computer graphics. (See "materials  available" section on

I prayed for help to cover and transport this keyboard on the airplane without buying  an expensive protective case. In answer to my prayers a dear friend, Birdie, took the materials I provided and sewed a nice padded case with strong handles. With this wonderful  case, the long journey was not so difficult. The keyboard fit in the overhead bins of all the airplanes.

The keyboard was a blessing in our meetings in India in many places. When there were power outages, the batteries worked fine.

Our last of 13 villages we visited was Bangalore. We did medical clinics on the Lowry college campus and sanctuary meetings. Faithfully Nishant (pictured on the left) and Lennin (pictured on the right) helped in the Bangalore college meetings. Neshant had gone out throughout the city advertising the meetings then had to redo it when my arival was delayed. As a college senior of the Bangalore Lowry Memorial SDA college he faithfully did his best to help the meetings be a success. Lennin also worked hard to make us comfortable and arrange even for extras. Lennin was given the sanctuary furniture props as he said he could make use of them during presentations in the future.
Nishant's eyes sparkled as I handed him  the keyboard treasure to use for Jesus. He could hardly believe the keyboard was for him.    His face lit up with such joy as he said for 10 years he had expressed his desire for one of these keyboards.  His father had been unable to afford it in addition to his college education. Now his prayers have been answered. He loves to play guitar and also keyboard. He had a spring in his step as he boarded the train for home with the keyboard on his back and a copy of our scripture music. Since their India power supply is 220 instead of 110, a small 1,600 watt transformer was also placed in his carrying bag.