Porter Demands

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Welcome to a collection of stories of our walk of faith in India.

As we arrived in Bombay preparing to transfer to the next airlines, we were so thankful to clear customs in a remarkable way. As we left this official he warned us to give money to no one for service of porting our bags. We did not realize we had to move by bus to another airport. As we left the building a mob of porters attacked us literally. They pulled on my clothes and violently pushed and shoved me insisting on 25 dollars  for their help. I was exhausted and shocked at this violent behavior.
I was told 2 months later after more experience with porters that I should have said, "NEA! NEA! I will call police!"

 They practically tore my clothes off my body. I began to fear. I cried out to God aloud for Him to intervene. Then I began to sob. I could not stop crying. The bus driver urged me into the bus. The porters followed yelling. As I cried, some men in the bus pushed out the porters and closed the door and we were off to the other airport. I cried all the way. I was terrified for I wondered where they were taking me. They spoke in an accent of English that I could not understand. They laughed at my English. It was midnight and we were deposited at the other port to wait till 4AM departure to Hyderabad. After I recovered and fed the children, I began to pray for help to get the luggage checked onto the next plane.

We were among 21 bags which was more than most Indian families own. Even one or three of the bags would equal what a whole family in India might own. God moved on the heart of the duty manager to arrange a special opening of the security x-ray machine to clear our bags and check them. This was all done before the regular crowds were checked. The quiet made it possible for the bags to be put away without making others jealous for our special favors of getting the extra bags on free. I showed pictures of the work we do and prayed as I shared what God was sending us to do. I asked God to give me just the right words and to stop me from saying too much.

Again God worked on the behalf of HIS LUGGAGE. There is nothing impossible with God. It was all checked on through free with a twinkle in the eye of the official. He did not want any gratitude or recognition, just walked away and disappeared into the back room. I began to wonder if he was an angel. Someday I will know.