Child with Fever Healed

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One of our helpers who was so faithfully working night and day to make the meetings a success, had a prayer request. His first born son was ill with a very high fever. After 5 days of this illness, I was taken to his home to pray for his son.
As I lifted the moaning three year old  his neck was stiff. This worried me. We all gathered about his suffering form and laid our hands on him to pray while family members were sent to quickly gather a little basin  and heat up a little water. Barbara and I  prepared charcoal water and began bathing his whole body and praying for him as we worked. A fan was brought and his temp came down to 103. We went to the pharmacy to purchase antibiotics and learned he had rapid recovery and was playing by the next day. We had asked for this as we so desperately needed his faithful fathers help in the meetings.
God answered our prayers quickly and brought the father great joy. James 5 tells us if any are sick we can pray and God will hear. We all were greatly encouraged at this evidence of God's power.