Surprise Visitor

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One night as I was preparing for the evening meeting in one of the villages near Tenali, I was praying and fixing up the sanctuary. Suddenly I was told I had visitors. I stood to find an older gentleman and a young man who spoke very easy to understand English.  The tall young man told me he was Dr. Melvin Rao, a dentist from Nuzvid. The other gentleman was his father who spoke better Telugu. They had come because phone calls and email attempts to reach me had failed. They were worried about me.
Dr. Melvin  informed me that he wanted me to speak in his town of Nuzvid for the Doctors and nurses and the church there  but pastor Jaya had just informed him  he could not release me. He  had every night booked with advertised meetings. He could not spare me. This meeting with Dr. Melvin Rao was a surprise. He said he was setting up the Bangalore meetings for me to speak  in Southern India and would see me there. Then he said if I needed anything to just contact him. He gave me his phone number. I assured him that pastor Jaya was very careful to take care of us. I was not sure who this stranger was but something about his kind manner, assured me that I was being watched over. There were Adventist brothers watching my work in Tenali and planning to protect me if anything went wrong. Dr. Melvin had read about my stories from my last mission in Mexico. He had seen my web sites and knew a lot about me though I did not know him.
I followed him away from the loud speakers  so I could hear him better. Again he reassured me that if I needed anything, even if it seemed insignificant  to please call on him. He worked 2 hours distant from that location but would do all he could for me.
God sent these two godly men to encourage me that night. Their visit was important showing me and everyone else that  God had people watching Dr. Rose and team. I assured Dr. Melvin that it was not necessary to be worried about me for God had ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands of angels as an unseen army about me. We could not see heaven's army but we knew God had it in place.
 I really wished Dr. Melvin could stay the evening through the program. It was such a brief time that he was there yet it brought great comfort. Later I did call him for help in finding Bibles. It was a challenge yet he helped locate  500  more Bibles.
What a happy surprise we had a couple weeks later when we were at Neena's orphanage. We discovered the meetings planned for Chennai were cancelled and we did have time to go to Dr. Melvin's place in Nuzvid to the Seventh Day Adventist hospital for 5 days.

 Dr. Melvin and his parents made us so comfortable and fed us well. Their hospitality was such a blessing. We discovered he had spent time in southern California on La Sierra campus. No wonder we understood his English easily.

These stories of Nuzvid  will be under separate story headings.