Projector shocks

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Welcome to a collection of stories of our walk of faith in India.

The evening began as usual. The power was on fine until about the time we needed to start the Mathew video. Then the generator was fired up. This particular evening, there were extra problems with the power surges. There was not enough power to operate both projector and lights. They heard Lloyd complain and so they cut the power of the generator they said so as not to give too much power. IT was just the opposite of what was needed. The language difficulties frustrated Lloyd beyond endurance.
The electrician was busy rewiring things. As I began to speak, I had a jolt that made me jump. My toe had touched a nail on the stage that was full of electric power. Later in other places even my computer was giving me shocks because the wires were not grounded correctly. The shock wave always traveled down the gray cord that connected projector to computer. It became risky to advance to the next picture. The children took turns advancing for me watching my hand signals. They quickly learned that a pencil was a safer way to advance to the next graphic.

It was a miracle that the memory board and all the insides of the computer did not get fried. God had his hand over things for all continued to work fine even after we returned to the US.

One night such a power surge went through the wires that the fuse blew on the transformer which stepped the 220 down to 110. There was smoke and melted prongs at the connection site. Calmly the electrician smiled and went about his work as if all was normal. No one could get the power through the transformer to turn on the power strip. The program was at a standstill without the equipment.

I bowed my head and prayed for God to tell me what to do. I was impressed to find my spare fuse. I brought it out and handed it to my son. I do not understand electrical problems like these experts did. My son took the fuse and tried it. The power came on through as needed. Suddenly another big surge came through from the generator and that fuse blew up. The electrician just smiled and took some little tiny copper wires and wrapped the fuse. In this way he bypassed the fuse and there was power for the projector. The program continued on with only a few minutes delay.

The next challenge came when the projector was knocked off the table and landed in the dirt  lens first. This was a fall of about 4 feet. I saw it happen and immediately started praying. The bulb alone in that machine is very expensive and I had not been able to bring along a spare bulb. The projector was a miracle and had been dedicated to God when it was purchased. Our prayer group had gathered about it, placed hands on it and asked God to care for it and help it work well. We had saved and gone without for over a year to purchase it. Some had given towards it. It cost more than a good used car.

When we turned it back on, the projector worked just fine. God had performed a miracle again.

Next the power went off during real hot weather and the bulb cooling fans were not there. The manual says the fans must always cool the bulb or it will break. Again we prayed while we waited in the dark for the power to return. God always took real good care of HIS projector. It served us fine showing thousands the Mathew word for word account of the life of Jesus.