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WE made sure we were ready by 4AM to leave for the airport. We were singing the song "Going Home".  The children were talking about their favorite foods and the first thing they would do as they got home. All they could think about was eating things familiar to them.

In Bangalore As we boarded our plane to Bombay, Lennin noticed that the International flight we were to catch at 4:45PM had tickets marked AM. We tried to call from Bangalore but all offices were closed. A sick feeling came over me. Our flight had already left. We spoke with airport manager asking for advice. He smiled and encouraged me not to worry for many flights leave Bombay daily for Hong Kong. I could easily catch up and then go on the rest of connecting flights as assigned. During the flight to Bombay, my son Kyle excitedly pointed out a rainbow that the plane was flying through. It was a signal which is special to us. 

The rainbow of promise encircling the throne on high is an everlasting testimony that "God so loved the world, that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16. It testifies to the universe that God will never forsake His people in their struggle with evil. It is an assurance to us of strength and protection as long as the throne itself shall endure. {DA 493.2}

Arriving in Bombay  we were bombarded with offers to take us to some hotel if we would just pay thousands of rupees. We gathered about our bags and prayed again for wisdom. Finally one gentleman was more courteous. I was tired and knew we needed to choose a hotel. We had no one to barter for us. I decided on one but did not know what it looked like. It is a good thing for I would not have chosen it for how it looked. The price was far above its value. Nearby were very much needed services we had never had in any place we had stayed in India. The first need was an ATM machine. Before I called on God, for this emergency He had already provided.

God had asked friends to give money to my bank account so it was there for this emergency. Praise God! The ATM accepted my card and provided the rupies needed for the hotel services. I would never recommend the Hotel Subhash to anyone for it charged too much. It cost 3 times what we had in other places.  But the location was near the food for sale on the street, near a pharmacy and the items we needed for our comfort for four days.


He knows and anticipates every want, and provides for every emergency. {HM, August 1, 1896 par. 6}

Isaiah  65:24 And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.

Little did I know what I had to face. In just a few hours I noticed that Lloyd who was already sick, as you remember in Bangalore, he became very ill. He could not keep any liquids down. He could not even stand up. When he did, he fainted. Then Kyle came down with it. Both lay still with temperatures of 105 and symptoms of meningitis. I was full of anxiety for the journey home is impossible if each does not walk. Plus I knew they could die. There was a man who had died who lived in the guest house we stayed in. I wondered if he died of an infection. The home had not been cleaned. I wondered if the infection would be fatal. I prayed earnestly as I worked to keep them alive. I emailed my doctor husband for suggestions and he said the IV's I was giving and the antibiotic choice was the best I could do. He was very concerned and alerted the pastor and church members at home for special prayer. They all faithfully went to their knees on our behalf. What a mighty army of prayer warriors prayed for us.

As I hurried back and forth out onto the street for needed items and back to the hotel, I also was sick. I had a fever but could not stop for I risked the death of 2 sons.

As I passed under a tree, a gorgeous pink larg flower fell and floated in the puddle at my feet. My thoughts were turned to Mathew 6:Consider the lilies. It instantly turned my focus to the kind face of Jesus. Of course, He had provided. The hotel was close to ATM, to pharmacy, to kodak developing, to food and all was provided. I was to take no thought for tomorrow. I was to rest in the loving arms of Jesus.

 I smiled up at Jesus and went for my camera. I recorded the whole thing on pictures. Jesus was there for me every minute of my emergency. As it says in Mathew 5," Blessed are the merciful," and in EGW comments on the same in Thoughts from the Mt of Blessings, "In their hour of languishing" Jesus Himself will minister to them. Of course Jesus was keeping His precious promise to me. How could I ever doubt His tender love and wound Him in so doing. The windows of heaven were still open to me.
Back in the room of the sick boys, I had new courage and hope. I wondered if an angel had knocked down that perfect blossom to get my attention. God knows flowers always catch my attention. I drank in the lovely fragrance and though of my KIND FATHER in heaven. On the ground were broken pieces but not another perfect blossom than the one provided for me to stop my anxiety. How I love my Jesus. He knew all the time that He was going to raise up my boys in answer to the prayers of faith. (James 5)

The last night I paid for just one room and kept the sick ones comfortable on my bed and the rest of us slept on the floor. (All 7 of us in one room)

God heard and raised up my sons in time for the flight. They began drinking guava juice just a few hours before. Quickly their strength returned after 2 days of not eating. It was a miracle. God had helped me find fruit juices in the market for the moment that they might desire again to drink.

In between all the above needs, I was emailing airlines and trying to get our flight set up for return home. God helped work a miracle for us there also. I will write up these stories under separate title.