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Killer Heat Wave


While fixing up the sanctuary visual aids for the evening program in Nuzvid, one of the children noticed a strange sight. There were huge bats falling to the ground gasping and dying. They wanted to pick them up and see what was wrong. 
Since bats carry the deadly  sickness  rabies, I cautioned them not to go near the dying animals. The people living there told us the heat was causing the animals to die. We all felt exhausted from the heat. We kept drinking heavily from our bottled water containers. We each drank at least 3 liters each day just to keep our thirst at a minimum. Each of us drenched our clothing as we sweat.. The hospital generously offered us their two air-conditioned guest rooms. The children spent much of their day in the coolness. I gave the children and Barbara the cooled rooms and took the third room for me.  I wanted to make sure the children survived the heat wave. There were not enough beds in these rooms or we all would have stayed there. I had to use wet towels and pour water on my clothes to keep cool during naps. One time I just wrapped in a wet sheet.
During our work in Nuzvid the hot temperatures broke all records. Thousands suffered heat exhaustion and at least 1,200 died in one of the most severe heat waves in India's history. Temperatures were reported at 123 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. or 50.6 Celsius in the shade and 54.4  and more in the sun and on the pavement.


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Psalms 23

The air felt like a blast from the oven as we walked out into the sun to get to the cafeteria. We were warned not to do anything during the hours of noon till five. Yet there were many people needing medical attention like this ulcer on an ankle, so things did not slow down for me. Many presented to the clinic with signs of heat exhaustion.
When we left America for India there was snow about our home. The temperatures were as low as 0-20 degrees F. This heat wave was more than 130 degrees increase from home. Yet God helped us survive.

There were people praying for God to keep the Psalm 121 travelers promises to us. "The sun will not smite you by day".  We discovered this particular promise was being claimed specifically for us.