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We were warmly welcomed to the college. It was during summer break and very few were around to come to meeting. Yet we had many special people who came.
There were special arrangements for our meals for we eat so differently than the average Indian person. We are in pain for hours after eating food spiced with peppers no matter what kind. All food served in the cafeteria was very hot. This dear wife of the college business manager provided our meals. She worked hard to find things the children could eat. Daily she faithfully served us.
The tree lined little college street to the church was so situated that one could even see the Jesus Mathew video from this street.
The sanctuary set looked so nice in the college church. The college carpenter worked hard to make the structure perfect. He took great pride in making the frame for the sanctuary curtains.
The set up for depicting the feast of tabernacles was the easiest to do in Bangalore. They had these fantastic plants that we put flowers all over. It made the booth of plants we had tried to illustrate in other places. The sanctuary message was well received. One college student found some frankincense for me. I was thrilled for it was the natural resin. I had looked for this and he found and purchased some.
We made the acquaintance of the English teacher at the college. Our accents were so different, it was very hard to understand what he said to us. He and his wife were so friendly and helpful. One day they made a fantastic meal for us. Unfortunately my sons were sick and could not help us eat the feast they had prepared. It made them worry that they had not made it tasty enough. They made it so good, I ate and ate all I  could.
We held free medical clinics in the day and evenings we shared the sanctuary and health message.
The president invited me to utilize the dispensary at the college for free medical clinics. Nurse Nelson was there to help.
As a last wish while we were in India, I asked if we could have a little ride in an ox cart. I had no idea it would bring the giggles of all on the streets. WE had seen so many oxen in all streets in India. The very last day it was arranged for us. God gave us this little unusual experience. Notice even the horns were painted on this set of oxen.