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Tickets and other answered prayers for Mission trip to 8 villages over 2 months in India.

Over 60 families gave towards our tickets and supplies for the India project. We were so concerned that 5 days before departure we still did not have enough to ticket all in our party of 7. WE prayed. We had people giving anonymously. In that last week the money came from God's friends. I wish I knew who to thank but since they were giving to God, I will have to ask God to thank them for I do not know who they are. Our friend Kelly called the Air Force base travel agent and he was able to locate tickets at a much better rate for us. Here is a picture of Kelly and her horse.

WE are so thankful. Just 2 days before departure, we received the printed tickets for travel. We were given more than enough clothes, toys, items for the orphanages we will visit.

Other answers to prayer: 

1. I needed a silver trumpet and God helped us find a used Yamaha with great sound.

10 year old Jenny wanted to play her flute to lead Scripture song learning in India. She prayed every day and worked at it for a year. Friend Susan helped her learn the basics. Then months later, friend Diane sent a ticket to Portland, Ore for Jenny to learn more just before leaving for India. Jenny flew alone and was afraid. She cried then brushed away the tears and prayed for courage.
She returned with notable improvements in her playing. Here is a picture of her teacher Pricilla. She lovingly went the extra mile for Jenny.
Friend Birdie answered a prayer we had for carrying the keyboard. She sewed a bag. Also she sewed costumes for telling Bible stories.
12 year old Kyle prayed he could become an evangelist. He has prepared Bible stories to tell. He also prayed for the gift of art and God has blessed his heart's desires. Here is an original example.
God provided new bags to replace the ripping ones tired from 10 other long journeys. Friend Ella made sure I chose these and I am thankful.
God placed a hold on us going in October so we could meet with and encourage this wonderful group of people in Tenali and the surrounding church friends.
My printer kept working on empty for many jobs till God provided me with funds to get another cartridge.
Darlene is a friend who invited me to her women's prayer group in her home starting in 1998 when I was just up from Portland for the summers. In 2002, Darlene Mullen bought glasses for my India trip for giving away. This was one of her last purchases before dying of cancer. The week before she told me she wanted to know all about the India trip when I was done. She prayed a most beautiful prayer for God to use our team and bring many souls to Jesus. The next week her grieving family and friends set up a memorial fund for the India effort. I know God will have a fun surprise party for Darlene in the future in heaven after HIS second coming. She promised me she would  come to my strawberry feast in heaven. She will be surprised to see friends from India there. She will probably blush and tell Jesus there is some mistake. She thought her work was done. The memorial fund given was because of her life of love and faithfulness. It went to help make the India project happen.
The lions club donated over 300 pairs of glasses and smaller gifts came from over 20 families of used glasses. 
We searched the web for eye screens and only located computer ones costing many dollars. After searching many clinics for a vision chart, I worked  to design a screening test we could use on Telugu speaking people. I remembered the tumbling "E" charts we had used on us in school years ago. Using a Snellen, I gauged the E's to be the same size. We plan to screen to find who needs glasses then let them try on some in their category of need and when it seems right, they will be screened again to see if we are close enough.
I think of the widow who gave her last bit of meal and oil to feed the prophet Elijah yet her supply never ran out.

I think of the little boy's lunch in the Master's hand. Jesus broke the bread and it kept multiplying in His hands till He fed 5,000 men plus women and children.

Jesus impressed me that like Philip He is testing me. Am I trusting enough to have them sit down and expect to be fed? Will I order chairs, lighting, microphones, tent, and transport if I do not have the funds visible. God promised to provide it all. I am moving ahead in faith.

Another story of faith inspires me to move ahead for I know God has requested this trip to be done by us. We have moved ahead in faith and God is opening the way for us.

The priests obeyed the commands of their leader and went before the people, carrying the ark of the covenant. The Hebrew hosts took up the line of march and followed this symbol of the divine presence. The wide column filed down the bank of Jordan, and, as the feet of the priests were dipped in the brim of the river, the water was cut off from above, and the volume below rolled on, leaving the bed of the stream dry. The priests passed on, bearing the ark of God, and Israel followed in the rear. Halfway over Jordan the priests were commanded to stand still in the channel of the river till all the Hebrew host had crossed over. This was to impress upon their minds more forcibly the fact that the power which stayed the waters of Jordan was the same that enabled their fathers to cross the Red Sea forty years before. 

But before the priests had come up out of the river, that this wonderful miracle might never be forgotten, the Lord bade Joshua select men of note from each tribe to take up stones from the spot in the river bed where the priests had stood, and bear them upon their shoulders to Gilgal, and there erect a monument in remembrance of the fact that God had caused Israel to pass over Jordan upon dry land. This would be a continual reminder of the miracle that the Lord had wrought for them.

We keep record on this web site and in our journals so that all may remember how God has worked mightily.

We are praying for funding for Telugu Bibles and expect God will again work for us. We have saved all year for these Bibles yet do not have enough to get what we need.
Follow on this web site when we get home for new stories.

This was written before departure. I wrote this story and kept it updated as each person gave. I kept record of every teddy bear and the clothing for orphanages so as to thank each person. Finally as the scramble to get those last minute details together, the records were kept on scratch paper. The reason I keep these records is to be sure each one is thanked. One time a person in Russia asked for that list so he could personally thank each one. He was surprised how long that list was. The love in the hearts of God's friends and the joy I saw that they received from giving, was hugged to my heart as a whole army of people that God has as His friends all wanting to help in any way they can.