God's Electricity

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Power outages were real common during the summer months of India. When it was cut, the whole city was dark. 

Our plans for the evening with Neena  were to have a short meeting in this little village  Gayana Gudem near her orphanage and then hold a free medical clinic. She hoped to open up the gospel work in this little village. We were dismayed to see that the power had been cut just before we arrived. In faith, I put all the cords together and set up everything as though there was no shortage.

I noticed the most beautiful color of dress on one Indian lady at the door. Her fabric was the colors of the rainbow. If I was ever to dress in Indian garb, that would be my choice of fabric. I would wear it often for every program if it was given to me. I never saw one for sale. It was the prettiest I had ever seen.
Curious onlookers gathered when they saw our equipment. It was noised around that a free medical clinic would be offered that evening and the people began lining up. We had prayer for God to send the power so we could show our film about Jesus. When we said "AMEN", the power came on. We rejoiced and began our program. The power was only in that little building. One of the children went out in search of a restroom and had a rough time in the dark. I had assumed the power came on in all places. It was only in our building, Jenny informed me.

After we had a program lasting about 1 hour we started seeing the long line of patients until I was too tired to go on and we closed up and went home. One man had a skin disease I had seen often. It is called leukoderma. I need to learn more about this problem for I saw it real often. There is sensation in this white area. This whitening is very embarrassing to the person. It only gets worse every year. I hope someone will write to me from this email story and have some information to help me with recommended therapy. I will contact Neena for follow up.