Delicious Recipies

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Welcome to  section on Delicious Vegan Recipes that children and teenagers have voted the very best tasting. These are the kind you can take to a potluck and have best success even with the biased, and finicky. We have many good ones and will add to these as time goes on. Keep checking back for new ones each week. These are recipes our children make in our home school. We have lots of recipes but these shared are the favorites of all in the family. They are popular at gatherings where people are biased against these foods.

 Daniel, in the Bible, had an excellent diet which made the frontal lobe of his brain work very well. In fact he excelled to the very top of all the brightest in the world center at Babylon. He and his three friends had been carefully raised by Godly parents. Since God is the creator of our bodies, He has designed a diet and seven other health laws that makes for the brightest brain function. By following these eight basic health laws, and obeying God's commandments, we are promised that we can excel in learning and abilities in wisdom. Beyond that we are even promised a link into the experience and education of angels. When we pray for wisdom, God will grant it. James 1:5. We need brains that can make quick intelligent decisions especially in this age of increased technology.

  Tensing Sherpa, the conqueror of Mount Everest, has said that the secret behind the energy and strength of the Sherpas is that they are vegetarians. Many international players and athletes are also renouncing flesh-foods now and turning to vegetarianism.

  Several researchers have found that vegetarians are more energetic, hard working and capable of lifting greater weight. They are peace loving ,and of happy nature. They can exercise better control on their hunger and can undertake a fast for a longer period. Studies carried out in Japan have revealed that vegetarians not only remain healthy and disease-immune but also have greater stamina, longer life span and sharper intellects.

This section will be full of fun and delicious recipes that do not contain milk, eggs, or any animal products of any kind. These are loved by children, and cooked up by our home schooled children to feed their friends. There are popular healthy tofu cheese cakes, lasagna, and stroganoff that people love at all potlucks. These are the top and best recipes that have even delighted those who hate the vegan diet life style. We have been collecting these recipes and testing on children for over 30 years.

Our first one will be the Delicious Carob-cheesecake-cherry pie. Click here to see and make it.

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