Last Day Events

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Everyone wants to know what is going to happen in the future. Only God in heaven knows what the future holds. He has the ability to see all the past and all the future. The part He wants us to know, He has told us so we can prepare. The last days on this earth are also discussed on my web site called

 If you look at the studies on Revelation, you can see many important sections already covered.

Jesus is coming soon. We are to pray that Jesus will put HIS everlasting arms around us and carry us through the time of trial coming. The things we are to do to prepare for the time of trouble are clearly described in the Bible. We should study carefully all these things so we are not tricked.

  All young people should understand that they will be called to explain before magistrates the reasons they keep God's law. They will need to explain the reasons for what they believe. Study carefully the book of Daniel and Revelation. These will help you get ready. It is very important to study the lessons "Basic Bible" on web site These lessons give you a firm basis for answering clearly what you believe.

 Study carefully the twelfth chapter of Daniel. It has a warning that all need to understand before the time of the end. The last few chapters of Revelation have prophecies of what is about to happen all over this world. It also describes what will happen to Satan.

 We are in the last chapters of this world's history. Check out our colorful Daniel studies that cover the whole book of Daniel chapter by chapter. Click here: Daniel

  Watch and pray.

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