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These Daniel studies have been on web since February of 1998 without color, just line drawings for children to color. These were on the old web site larom.com (Now  this site is closed and moved.  All graphics have been redone). Today these are  uploaded on this web site for the first time in color on February 20, 2002. Color graphics are made by home schooled children and their mom. One exception is the picture at the end of this page. The Daniel Coloring book is available. See Materials Available on www.larom.org.  Write to Rose  if you desire it. biblelessons@starband.net

We need to study the Bible carefully. The book of Daniel is very important. It is full of examples of how God's people should stand bravely for the truth of the living God. Even though it seems everybody else was breaking the laws of God, Daniel and his three friends were loyal to God. Their strength came from God. When they prayed, they had answers because they obeyed God's law the ten commandments.

Daniel and his three friends had parents that were of Jewish Royal family. Several prophets had told them that soon the children would be taken as captives to Babylon. Many parents did not do anything to prepare their children. Daniel's parents and his friend's parents worked fast and carefully every day to prepare for the trouble ahead.  The faithful work of their parents paid off. I doubt the parents ever knew. Daniel grew to be one of the most unique men of the world. He stood at the head of two different nations because he had so much wisdom. He did not brag. He was always thoughtful of others. He did his job so carefully, no one could find anything wrong with his work. Whatever his hand found to do, he did it with all his might. The way he acted attracted kings to be his friend. Kings wanted his counsel. He was never dishonest or rude.

   Daniel was a close friend of the KING OF KINGS in heaven too. He prayed three times a day. God told him secrets of the future. We can study these secrets and be wise about the end of the world. The final events are even now happening in our world. Jesus is soon to come. Always pray before you begin to study. God will help you understand. These things can only be understood after praying to God.

  The first part of Daniel is stories. The very last part is future.

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Through a series of heavy losses, our family has come to value heaven more highly than ever  before. The Bible is treasured even more than ever. The book of Daniel has very special secrets for our time. It is packed with stories that develop faith. This book is fun for all ages.

Daily our prayer is: "Even so come, Lord Jesus."

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Praise God that the pilgrim journey is full of hope.
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