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A drunken Babylonian king was in the middle of a party. This grandson of Nebuchadnezzar was not worried that armies of Cyrus camped around his capital city. He was sure that he was safe in the fortress his grandpa had built. He had several wives at the party. Everyone was drinking and dancing. The king was making fun of God. He was using the special cups from the sacred tabernacle of God. These cups were never supposed to hold fermented grape juice. The king was saying he was more powerful than God in heaven. Suddenly he saw a hand writing on his wall. Being drunk, it really frightened him.
This hand writing was done by God not by gang members as we see in cities. You may have seen the ugly marks on walls of tunnels and buildings. It is called "graffiti".  There are markers and symbols used as warnings between gangs in the cities. Paint can not even be bought by children in some stores.  We did not know this until my son was given a list of items to buy at the store for me. My son was surprised at the resistance the clerk gave him. She proceeded with a long lecture about marking up city walls. Only when I showed up,  did she allow he purchase of the paint.
The marks this drunk king saw were not done by any person at the party. There was a pale hand seen writing it. Music and dancing stopped. Everyone looked on in fear with eyes blurred by drinking alcohol. Wise men were called to help but they were afraid. Then the queen mother was told. She rushed to the banquet hall and urged that Daniel be called.
Daniel came . The king offered him presents if he would explain the message to him. Daniel knew the presents would last only a few minutes. What good would it do to be ruler for a few minutes? Daniel wanted the king to know he did not interpret for money as the "wise men" did.  He did not want the gifts. He told the king to give them to someone else. The drunk king did not realize or care that the River Euphrates was drying up. Cyrus had a division of soldiers rerouting the river.

  God in mercy was warning the king of his danger. The king was too drunk to respond to God's last call to him.

Other soldiers were stationed ready to enter Babylon under the walls as soon as the water was out of the way..

This is the interpretation of the glowing words on the wall:

Mene: God has numbered your kingdom and finished it.

Tekel: You are weighed in God's judgment and your are lacking

Upharsin: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.


When Daniel finished telling the king what the words said and meant, the king gave rewards as promised. He put on Daniel a red robe, then a  gold chain. He was made third ruler in the kingdom. Imagine that. For a few minutes while soldiers were marching into the city, God had His servant Daniel marked with special honor. Right under them, Cyrus stood with his army. He was under the palace. More than a hundred years before prophets had described this night. Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel had all spoken of the fall of Babylon.

God's timing here is remarkable. He knew what was happening. He wanted his servant Daniel held in high favor with the new power taking over. He put the spotlight on Daniel for a reason.

When God elevates a man, it is for a witness to the world of God's power. So many forget the reason God is brings them into honor, and they take all the glory to themselves.  Daniel always honored God.

If God gives you special favor, or gives you a chance to speak to kings and millions of the world, will you give only God the glory and dress simply or will you draw attention to yourself and brag about your work instead of God's?

The drunk gate keepers left the gates open to the great fortress Babylon. The open gates were easy for soldiers to enter. Also Cyrus had the water trenches finished and the Euphrates River was going down another path. It was night and no one saw the river going down and soldiers coming in.
Cyrus had thousands of soldiers shoveling dirt in the night to send the river down another path. Suddenly in the city the water stopped. Their water was gone. Soldiers entered under the walls where the water used to flow. They did not really need to for the drunk gate keepers had left the gates open anyway.
If they had had a big spotlight and the soldiers had not been drunk, and the king had not been making fun of God in heaven, perhaps the story would have ended differently for the Babylonians.

The Bible says wine is a mocker and strong drink is raging. Alcohol has ruined many people. If you want to have a clear healthy mind and make good choices, never drink any alcohol ever.

Proverbs 20:1 Wine [is] a mocker, strong drink [is] raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise. 

Prophets have told us that soon our world will be turned upside down because the inhabitants have broken God's laws and changed the ordinance. (Isaiah 24:1-6) In the face of these prophecies on how important God's commandments are, lawmakers insist on passing laws honoring a false Sabbath. This is not different from the king of Babylon. The day of the Lord is at hand. I am pained in my heart. I cannot keep quiet.

My friend, choose to stand firm for God's law no matter what happens. Obey the health laws so you can think clearly.  When you are put in the spotlight to declare why you keep the 7th day Sabbath, give God all the honor and glory. He will give you a quiet dignity and words to speak which can bring thousands to God.

1. When God put the spot light on Daniel, what did the soldiers capturing the city do with him?

2. When God puts you in the spot light, who should you honor? (yourself or God?)

3. If you are given a chance to witness before kings and millions of people over the media, who should you draw attention to?

4. Why is it prophesied that soon our world will be turned up side down? What are people doing to the commandments?

5. What did the writing on the wall say and what did it mean?

6. What did Daniel say about the kings gifts promised to him if he would interpret what God had for him?

7. What did the king do to make Daniel receive the gifts?

8. Who was under the palace at the moment that Daniel was receiving his gifts?

9. Was this a surprise to Daniel? (Lesson 2 and 7 and 8 show prophecies about what was coming)

10. What did the army of Cyrus do to the river Euphrates?

11. What were the guards of the Babylonian gates doing that last night?

12. What did the king say and do with things from God's sanctuary that last night that was so offensive to God?

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