Forgotten Dream

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Forgotten Dream
God opened up a chance for Daniel and his three friends to witness. A remarkable dream was given to the king by God. When the king woke up, he was upset because he could not remember what he had dreamed. He called his "wise men" for help. He demanded that they tell him what he dreamed and what it meant.  He promised rich presents and honor if they could do it.
He promised they would be chopped up and their houses made into a hill of dung if they did not tell him what he dreamed. Dung is the word for animal poop.
Whenever the king had a question, he would call his "wise men". These were his specialists in different areas of knowledge. The magicians were superstitious fortune tellers who claimed to find out the future by magic. The sorcerers pretended to find out mysteries by talking to dead people. The Astrologers studied the stars and tried to figure out the future by looking at the stars. Daniel and his three friends were included in this group when they finished their schooling. 

For some reason when the king forgot his dream, they were not called on for help. The first they knew about it was when the soldiers arrived to kill them. Daniel immediately asked to be taken to the king to personally ask for time. The king remembered Daniel and hoped he could tell him his dream. He granted the time Daniel asked for. Daniel quickly gathered his friends and the praying began. 

That night God gave Daniel the same dream. Daniel remembered to thank God. He even wrote out his thank you prayer in the Bible. He was so careful to give God credit for everything. They were close friends. Daniel always honored God with gratitude.

Then Daniel hurried in to the king. Daniel was very modest about what he knew. He did not boast like the soldier did who said he had found someone who knew the dream. He urged that the king change his decree for killing the other wise men. Calmly he began to tell the king his dream.
Daniel explained that the king had been thinking about the future and an image appeared with different metals. Then a stone cut out from a rock cliff came flying at the image knocking it down. This rock grew until it filled the whole earth.
Daniel told the king that the image described the future.  The king and Babylon were represented by the head of gold. Another kingdom would take over their kingdom. It would not be as powerful. It was represented by silver arms and breast. The next kingdom that would take over was weaker still. Then came the iron kingdom. This image described that God was in control and who the rulers of the world would be clear up to his second coming.

The head was a symbol of Babylon, the silver arms and breast represented Medes and Persians. The brass thighs symbolized Greece, and next came Rome. The feet of iron and clay mix showed a weak mix of Rome with others. Then the toes showed 10 kings who would rule the world for one hour or fifteen days. At that time the rock (Jesus) would come to change everything.

Dream happened just as God said it would

Babylon was conquered by Cyrus in BC 538. Darius became ruler of Medo Persia. The National Graphic had several articles on a monument of stone carved 340 feet above a spring in the desert. His life story was carved on the face of the rocks. There are three different languages on the stone. This carving is very hard to climb. It is 100 feet above the highest place possible to climb. Darius claimed his power came from the god "Ahuramazda" which meant "wise lord".

The third kingdom which took over the world was led by Alexander the Great of Greece. His kingdom was represented as brass. His year of victory was 331BC. Greece believed in many different gods. They made up a whole family of them. They gathered them from other lands and put their own  names on them.
The fourth kingdom was strong as iron. It broke many countries in pieces and bruised many people. The beginning of this world power was in 168 BC. "BC" stands for "before Christ". Jesus was born in the year 4BC. Rome ruled even 500 years after Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

  Now remember, Daniel is talking about all this future way before it happened. The dream was given a while after Daniel was taken captive in 607BC. So you see, some of the dream pointed 500 to a couple thousand years into the future till the stone arrives. We have not seen the end of this dream yet. The stone has not yet come.

Notice the standards. These had pagan symbols of their gods on them. They took them to battle to bring power from their made up collection of gods. They hoped that by gathering images and acting like they believed in them, everyone who believed in each god would be loyal to their side.
The clay and iron of the feet of the image showed that there would be no more united kingdoms. There would be mixtures of soft clay and iron that could not stick together. The Roman empire divided into many little nations. This prophecy shows that there will never be another united world kingdom.

 Napoleon tried to put it together. The picture shows his helmet under his hand on the table. He said, "In five years I shall be master of the world." He was having many successes. He was almost to reach his goal when his huge army of 450,000 was beaten by the weather. The frost, snow and hunger defeated them while they were trying to take control of Russia.

In the days of the 10 kings who rule one hour, "shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed." Daniel 2:44. At the very end of time before the rock comes, there will be 10 rulers that rule one hour. Since a day equals a year and there are 24 hours to a day, one hour of prophetic time is 1/24th of a year. Since there are 12 months in a year you will find an hour equals 1/2 month or 15 days.

1. What did the Daniel do as soon as he was given the dream?

2. How did Daniel respond to he king's question about his abilities to interpret dreams?

3. Was Daniel full of pride?

4. What did the head of gold represent?

5. What years did that country rule the world?

6. When did Medo Persia begin to rule the world?

7. When did the Grecians rule and what was their metal?

8. When did Rome rule and what was their metal?

9. How long after the time Jesus lived on earth did the Romans rule?

10. How many toes ruled the world at the end of the world?

11. What kingdom then took over world leadership?

12. How long did the 10 toe kings rule the world together?

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