Fireproof Men

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Fireproof Men
The words "you are this head of gold" had made a big impression on king Nebuchadnezzar. The wise men who Daniel urged be spared the death decree, had Daniel to thank. But they were jealous and worked against Daniel and God in heaven. They encouraged the king to make an image all of gold. They set a day for everyone to attend the great festival in honor of the king.

As soon as the king's band was heard, that was the signal to bow down and worship the image a symbol of the king. The king had rejected the prophetic picture that God had revealed to him and wanted to change it. He wanted to rule the world forever. He was blocking the spread of the truth that God had given to him. Since he was a world leader, the world could have heard the truth if he had used the dream message correctly. 

 The band sounded and everyone bowed except three Hebrew governors in charge of the affairs of Babylon. They were still standing.

Now what about all the other Hebrews in the kingdom. Why were they not brave enough? What made these men different?

The three governors had  heard ugly remarks and threats from the jealous counselors. The king grew very angry that they would be loyal to the God of heaven and would never serve any other god. The king was angry that they were not grateful for all the honors they had been given. He ordered the furnaces to be heated hotter than ever. Seven times hotter was the saying they had for making the hottest fire. If they already had it 500 degrees it was probably not heated to 3,500 degrees. Some say there were cones that were used in pottery making. It is possible that seven cones were placed in there. 

The heat was so bad that it killed the four strongest soldiers who had to bind and throw in the three Hebrew governors.

Suddenly the king was afraid. He saw four people walking instead of none inside that furnace. There were four instead of three. His dead soldiers proved how hot things were inside. The ropes had burned off of the three men. Yet they still had clothes on. The fourth person looked like God. The king had heard about God in his dream. He had watched how Daniel and his three friends acted like Jesus, so he knew Who the visitor was.
The king called the men out of the furnace. They walked out without even the smell of smoke on their clothes or hair. God had given them unusual fire suits. It was a miracle.

  The king was so impressed that he ordered the world to reverence and honor God or he would cut them in pieces. God was pleased with Nebuchadnezzar encouraging the world to follow Him. However, the king missed a big point. God does never FORCE love and obedience. I repeat, God does not force you to love Him.

  During the very end of the world. There will be people who try to force everyone to worship God. Using a death sentence, they will try to force every one to worship on a false Sabbath. Sunday worship will be forced. Those who refuse to obey the Sunday laws will not be allowed to buy anything like food and clothes. (See Revelation 13) God will provide for his obedient loyal people.

Determine like Daniel and his three friends to obey the commandments no matter what comes. You will not be firm against temptation unless you are obeying carefully the health laws now. Obeying all that God says will make you very strong in this final test.

The second commandment requests that no one worship any idol.

No object is to be prayed to. No image is to have our worship. Only God in heaven should have our prayers and worship.

Commit your life to Him today.

1. What happened to the clothes and hair of the three governors who were thrown into the fire?

2. Who was in the furnace with them?

3. Who was invited to this great celebration in the king's honor?

4.  Why did the king decide to make this gold image anyway?

5. Does God force worship?

6. Which of the 10 commandments were broken by all those who bowed down to the image of the king? Can you recite it? (Exodus 20)

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