Ch10 Answered Prayer

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Amazing Answer to Prayer
The angel Gabriel came with the answer. He said many things had to take place in the next 70 weeks of Bible time. Sins would be be finished and ended. It sounded like the end of the world. There would be people only doing good and right things. The sin problem would be taken care of, and the Most Holy would be anointed.

Daniel was given a beginning date for this 70 weeks of time. He was told that there would be a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. From that seven weeks and three score and two weeks of prophecy time. A score in the Bible is 20 years. Three score is equal to sixty weeks. Take the day for a year prophecy and add this all together.

7 weeks X 7 days is 49 days. So that is 49 years.

62 weeks X 7 days is 434 days. That would be 434 years.

Add the two together and you have 69 weeks or 483 days. That is 483 years.

Now the angel said that after 483 years from the building decree being carried out, Jesus would be cut off.

The year that the decree finally was carried out was during the BC times. That means Before Christ. It was year 457 BC (Ezra 6:14) There had been 3 parts tot he command to build. It took time to finish. It was done by the 7th year of king Artaxerxes. 

69 weeks of years after the decree to build Jerusalem again, Jesus would be cut off. Exactly 483 years later we arrive at the year 27 AD. Jesus was baptized and a voice from heaven said who He was. God the Holy Spirit came down in the symbolic form of a dove. This was His anointing spoken of in the prophecy.
This coin has Tiberius Ceasar on it.

In Luke 3:1-3 it says this baptism happened in the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar while John the Baptist was preaching baptism in the wilderness. There are coins from Antioch in Syria of the date A.U. 765 ( 12 AD) with the head of Tiberius and the inscription, Kaisar Sebatos (Augustus)

 Add fifteen to 12 AD when it is thought Tiberius began and you get 27AD. Some history writers think he did not start till 2 years later. An old document written by Roman senator, Dion Cassius recorded the big events happening in 12 AD.

This historian said: "Agustus, because he was growing old, wrote a letter commending Germanicus to the senate and the latter to Tiberius." (Book 56, chapter 26, translation by Herbert Baldwin Foster)
The prophecy said that Jesus the Messiah would stop the sacrifices in the middle of a week of prophecy time. He would teach people about the covenant for one week. That is the 7 days of years. In the middle of seven would be 3 and 1/2. The sacrifices were stopped because they pointed to Jesus and His death. Since he died, there was no more reason to point toward the death.

That is exactly when Jesus laid down His life for us sinners. He died on the cross after teaching and healing for only 3 1/2 years. He died in the year 31AD. Everything happened exactly in the year that was prophesied in Daniel's records.

After Jesus went back to heaven there were 3 and a half years left of the full 70 weeks of years. People were added to the church every day. (Acts 5:14)

Suddenly in 34AD after Steven was killed for preaching and teaching about Jesus, the followers of Jesus ran away from Jerusalem. They were in danger of being killed. Every where the believers moved to, they shared stories about Jesus. The 70 weeks of time was up for the Jews. It had  been their last chance. It had been their probation time. The good news was then taken to all parts of the world by the few who did believe.

This time of the 70 weeks of years was part of the 2,300 years the angel told Daniel about in chapter 8.


4. How much time is 70 weeks of prophecy time?

5. How do you figure out a day for a year?

6. What year was the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem? (Ezra 6:14)

7. What year was Tiberius Cesar starting to rule?

8. Add fifteen years to that date and what year do you know Jesus was baptized? (Luke 3:1-3)

9. Jesus died on the cross three and a half years later so what date was that?

10. What year was Steven stoned?

11. These times and dates are important for helping us understand what huge time prophecy?

The next chapter is exciting for it is full of history stories and how Daniel's prophecies have happened just as predicted. At the end of this chapter 11, there are a couple things yet to happen. In fact they are happening right now. We are at the very end of this world. Go to chapter 11 and see the coins commemorating events predicted. Chapter 11