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A little about what God has done for me

 and allowed me the privilege of training and  working with Him:

My Favorite things: I love flowers. Gardening is a favorite thing of mine. This bouquet was gathered June 14, 2003 from a huge extravaganza of over 150 blossoms of iris which greeted me as I returned from India. I have kept a list of the extra things God has done to bless me. I treasure HIS love. He is giving us the rest we need after the 60 day effort that was filled with extreme challenges. Gardening and the quiet of the woods brings healing and refreshment. This year, the woods is also filled with more wild flowers than I have ever seen here. Each blossom is an expression of His love.

God has led me to train as a family doctor with residency training and certification. I prayed every day during training that God could use me as a missionary doctor. God helped me graduate from residency in 1989. I love doing medical missionary work. It was my childhood dream to do this. God has sent me into long houses in Borneo having traveled by dug out canoe.  The jungles have a whole different set of medical challenges. My dear Father in heaven answered my prayer for children after 13 years. They are a treasure He is helping me train for His work. Jesus sends me out once or twice a year doctoring and teaching our children to help in clinics in the day and at night holding gospel meetings. The rest of the time, we place materials on this web site and study.   My third son helps with 3 D graphics and animations. Another son loves photography.


Professional Preparation:

BS in Nursing Walla Walla College, 

BA Theology Walla Walla College, 

Minor in Biology at WWC

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Masters level at Loma Linda University

Family Practice Physician

Family Practice Residency and certification

Experiences in Gospel and Health ministry

1976-7    1 Year prior to graduation my husband and I spent 1 year doing volunteer nursing in Southern Mexico at Hospital Del Sureste in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. Experiences with Tetanus, TB, demon possession, and many challenges are written up under "stories":

1977 Health Van Ministry for Montana SDA Conference: During the summer following mission work in Mexico (July, Aug) we ran a health van for Montana Conference under direction of Ron Wisby.

RN:   7 years as Registered nurse: General Duty, Intensive Neonatal Care, Pediatrics, Surgical, obstetrics, and 

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner:   1 YEAR 1980-1981 serving Laotian refuges and the inner city teen girls of Kansas City, Ks.

Doctor:   7 years as a family practice physician in America and 7 more years as a part time missionary doctor in tropical regions.

Missionary:   19 Over seas mission trips (9 times for Mexico,  2 cities in Russia, 1 in the Ukraine, 2 cities in Belarus, 2 villages in Borneo,  India- 18 cities in 2002 and 21 Indian villages in 2003, Bapatla, India  in 2005) The next projects this year include Philippines and Peru. All missions are volunteer efforts totally depending on God to provide. We consider it the greatest privilege to do these mission efforts providing free medical care and gospel meetings in jungle areas and areas of  poverty.  

Child Evangelist: 1980-2003  church meetings for children, 1993-2003 evangelistic programs world wide (adult and child)

Sanctuary Seminars: 1986-2003 Sanctuary Walk Through Model. We have traveled  to churches, schools, camp meetings, etc.   Adult and child levels of presentations (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Borneo, Mexico, India, America: Kansas, Missouri, Idaho, Washington, Oregon)

Home School Mom: 1986-2003  After 1994, I realized I could not purchase a mother's love for my children so I focused more on the family. God gave me my first son during medical school and at the age of 9, he had a full time mom. I waited 13 years for children and treasure each moment with them on mission trips and studying together at home. My goal is to help them reach their goals.

BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME: Walking with God. As a young teen, I discovered how God's promises solve my problems from a pastor called Glen Coon. His live experiences and positive outlook taught me to ask, believe and claim God's promises. He has answered more prayers than I have shared on web. I have written over 160 stories of answers which I can share. I have been so blessed in sharing with others my experiences with the faithfulness of Jesus. Daily I sit at the feet of Jesus and gain rich treasures that keep me calm in the worst of storms. In the Christian life there is so much joy. In the valleys of sorrow Jesus always gives me roses. The memory and  fragrance of these flood my heart with a knowledge that I am special to Jesus, just as you are. My favorite verse in knowing I am valuable to Him is: Zephaniah 3:17. To know God sings about us and treasures us is an anchor to my soul. Jesus is the rock and strength and shelter for my life. I have found the PEARL of great price. My dear parents shared the Bible with me since I was a baby and I have chosen this PEARL they showed me. Morning and evening they told me of His love. My father died in 2002 trusting Jesus will awaken him in the resurrection. I can't keep quiet about the rich treasures of God's grace. They are new every morning. Really it is like cutting flowers for a bouquet to gather promises and keep them in my journals. From these special times of study, the web stories have come together to share with the world.

37 yrs Experience with God answering my prayers.  To see amazing answers to prayer, click these and go to my other web site. Remember this address illustratedbible.com to get back. Larom.org and larom.com have been snatched up by others wanting a high trafic site. Now we are again uploading to larombible.com. You can find many stories there. God has had a hand in allowing this to happen to my web site. Others have uploaded my original Bible set and have kept it going for years when I thought it was lost. I praise God for it is all His project. Check out my first answer to prayer on larombible  and another story involving contact lenses

 To continue on this web scroll down to see new things. It is not "safe" as the world sees it, to work for Jesus. It makes us the devil's target. Yet this gives more prayer story opportunities. It gives Jesus more chances to flex His muscles. I like to watch Him exhibit His strength and power. All things work together for good to those who love God. Our lives are secure in His hands till our work is done.

Languages: Spanish & English and a few words in Iban, Russian, & Telegu

Computer Interests: Web evangelism, graphics, Bible presentations, nature & health programs

Hobbies:  Adult and Children's programs, photography and art, singing, cooking, sewing, gardening, swimming, skiing, hiking, canoeing, collecting wild flowers, woodworking, reading, collecting rocks, and other nature objects.

Calling: While working as full time physician in Portland, Oregon, I dreamed three nights in a row Dec. 1, 2, and 3 of 1992 that thousands were wanting to hear gospel meetings. I was too timid. I drew back in fear. God daily gave me courage. God reminded me of Jonah. After arguing with God over assets and other family concerns, I agreed if He would provide, I would go anywhere He asked. He always tests my faith yet has supplied all . Stories are written of these faith testing events where sometimes  money for ticket purchase came in the last 12 hours before international flight. 

My own dear children that God has loaned to me

There is so much joy in being a mom.  After 13 years of marriage and many prayers and promises like the Bible story of Hannah, God has blessed us with children. They are growing up too fast. There are struggles and sorrows too, but I thank God daily for He answered my prayers. These treasured children I love dearly. Each one is so unique and special as all children are. When I make mistakes, Jesus promises to help make it up to my children. It is fun to watch our little girl now playing with her dolly in the clothes I sewed to wrap her in in when she was born. She was my fifth child and followed a little brother Jerry who died after a chromosome test before birth November 21, 1990. Little Jerry sleeps till resurrection morning. His birthday is a day we look for ways to bless other children around the world. New stories are added to the web site for parents to share with other Jerry's  of the world. Whatever your name, these are shared to bring courage to trust in Jesus.

 Many years we have gone to do children's meetings in other parts of the world on Jerry's birthday. It gives me therapy to hug them and see their smiles. It is like I am hugging my Jerry.

These Bible lessons were designed for my own prayed for children.  However,  friends urged we make them public in 1992. These lessons have all been tested on thousands of children and teens. Though it has taken years of time, all our children became involved in helping to prepare this material for Web site use. In the process they have learned special technical skills. We always are blessed when we share. The more recent lessons are naturally geared for teens as that is what I am dealing with at home now.

I am so proud of the boys God loaned to me to train for Him. I am thrilled now in their teens they love to put computers together, do computer 3D graphics and photography and woodworking. They are strong helpers on mission trips and can wire things together and make things work. They even defend and protect their mom. All the children love and adore their dad. 

Jesus treasures all His children more than I ever possibly could. He places an angel guard about them to protect.  You can read stories on this site of how Satan had them under attack in different countries by knives, danger of falling in a cave, danger of drowning and other stories. I am happy to tell you God is a strong defender of His children. God also has a tender place in His heart for all children. The children of the world are under His tender care. I enjoy sharing  with all adults and children what a special friend I have found in Jesus. Though we have our share of trouble and sorrow, Jesus never has left us. He always answers our prayers. He is closer during our trials, losses and discouragements. I praise His name.

My favorite promises: He gently leads those who are with young. Isaiah

Isaiah 40:11 He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry [them] in his bosom, [and] shall gently lead those that are with young. 

Isaiah 49:25 ...for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children. 

Please write to Dr. Rose at   tetracha@aol.com . She would love to have feed back. What sections do you like best? What stories do you like best? Just a quick note will encourage more to be written in your favorite area.

Check out our other web sitesillustratedbible.net larombible.com, On the larombible, you will find  many interesting stories of answered prayer in the life of Dr. Rose. There are mission stories, and studies on Revelation, and Basic Bible beliefs with nature video clips and Scripture music. There are many health talks under lesson 20 of Basic Bible. These are subjects interesting and useful for children and youth. Grief Recovery speaks to God's comfort during loss. This web site is very large with a great variety of information interesting to children and teens.  This site has been up since 1996 with the greatest increase in  world wide visits in 2001 and 2002.  Praise God for all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. Romans 8:28


"Who can separate us from the love of Christ? Ro 8:35-37