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God is the strength of my life

Ps. 46

Check out the cute lamb.

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Hi, I am Dr. Rose.   

The Bible, received and studied as the voice of God, tells the human family how to reach the abodes of eternal happiness, and secure the treasures of heaven. "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." 2 Timothy 3:15-17

Wild flowers extravaganza click on picture.

Praise God as we return from missions, He has extravagantly filled the woods and flower beds with thousands of blossoms.  

The Lord is my Shepherd. He restores my soul. Ps. 23

NEW Prayer Answer stories 1. God's 100 fold Blessing on Country Haven Academy  2. 90 Miles on God's Gasoline Fuel3.  Fallen Computer Miracle 4. Unseen help placing sheep in Car 5.Broken Eagle & God's Elephant  6. Laptop run over by Car 7. Mexico 2005 stories 8. India 2005 stories 9. Hurricane Obstacles 10. Peru July 2005 Stories 11. Mexico August 2005  12. Philippines 2005
Check out our India 2005 stories 

2005 trip to India is finished. Click on pictures to follow.

How can I be saved. Bible stories of how this question came up and what the answer is. 2 Roads and Road Rage. Discussions about the 2 paths  10 Commandments, broken commands.

  Breads and Pecan loaf
Daniel Studies (Chapter by chapter study of Daniel for children 6-Adult)

1.Nature stories describing character attributes of God, 

Stories: One Drop of Oil, New section on prophetic dreams and the prophet of the 1800's. Plus stories of dreams given to children and others. 

Current projects:  2005 Mission trips to Peru, Philippines and Mexico 

Bible study of all 66 Books studying the pictures of God. This is on web site: illustratedbible.net on adult level and on laromBible.com for a child's level.

Also song files are being recorded of Scripture music and hymns: see illustratedbible.net and larombible.com

 Ebooks     November 18 our first ebook is done and going onto web. To down load this as an ebook click here: Prodigal bird


"Feed My Lambs & Sheep" is a non profit effort to spread the gospel to children and teens and adults of the world. It has been a family operation since 1992.  It is all volunteer support of our 6 web sites,  missions trips,  and  children's video recordings.  Each effort is a result of a walk of faith.

Click on this spotted sheep and see the story of the Cheated Man God helped to genetically engineer a flock of sheep for his own.

Missions Unlimited assists us by receiving tax deductible gifts and issuing receipts. Just mark it: "Feed My Lambs"

Missions Unlimited:

1617 Carson Lane.

Wenatchee, WA 98801

More about the author of these lessons and what motivates her to work for Jesus. Click on this picture.