What must I do to be saved

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Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me!

Jesus, save me! What Can I do to be saved? Don't pass me by, Jesus. Save me.

Is this the cry of your heart?

Jesus wants you to ask this question: "What can I do to be saved?" He values you so much that He was willing to give His life taking your punishment for your sins so you could have His eternal life. The wages of sin is death. The only way to be saved is through Jesus, and living like Him. Daily He wants to hear you dedicate your life to Him.
  Christ's death proves God's great love for man. It is our pledge of salvation. To remove the cross from the Christian would be like blotting the sun from the sky. The cross brings us near to God. Jesus is our only hope.

 Many are crying out in all the churches of the world and in the homes. What must I do to be saved? Those preaching and sharing need to tell them the sweet peace and assurance they can find in believing in Jesus to save them. Those who know Him must use all the ways they can think of to tell the world of Jesus. Disasters are coming. There will be an end to this old world. God's people will be taken to heaven when Jesus comes. Psalms 91 says all God's people will be sheltered under His wings. The danger is when you do not care if  people hear about Jesus and how to be saved, you are not under His wings. You are in extreme danger! Some are so attached to their things that they won't help send missionaries or give any money for the needs for Web site Bible lessons or TV or Radio broadcasts. Ellen White saw in vision that when God's workers called for money to help them reach out, these people with wealth went away sorrowful like the rich young ruler in Mathew 19:16-22. Then Ellen saw the end of the world disasters sweep all their riches away. At that point it was too late for them to lay up any treasures in heaven.
  Then Ellen saw God's messengers standing waiting for funds to share the saving truths. They were waiting for money for they had used all available to them. Ellen saw the huge sacrifice Jesus made by giving up His life to save sinners. His sacrifice was bigger than anyone here can give. Then she was shown again those who would not even give money to missionaries. That money had been loaned to them by God. They thought they deserved it for themselves. They had worked hard.


  An angel was heard asking another angel if these selfish ones could be saved. They pretended to be good Christians. Another angel answered the question with the chilling words. "No, never, never, never. Those who are not interested in the cause of God on earth can never sing the song of redeeming love above."
In this same dream, Ellen saw people traveling abroad. She asked the angel if they were all messengers. The angel said some were traveling without a message. These ones would have to give an account to God for every dollar used this way. People have starved and died without hearing the gospel because these people used this money on pleasure.


"Such will have to give an account to God for every dollar they have used in traveling where it was not their duty to go, because that money might have helped on the cause of God; and for the lack of the spiritual food that might have been given them by God's called and chosen messengers, had they had the means, souls have starved and died. I saw that those who have strength to labor with their hands and help sustain the cause were as accountable for their strength as others were for their property." {EW 50.2}Early Writings page 50, by Ellen White

Tears came to my eyes as I read Ellen's dream. I knew of dear precious Christian friends who travel for sight seeing. Oh, it seems if an angel would visit them and warn them,  they could be saved. Ellen asked the angel to go tell them. She was sure they would listen. The angel told her that even if lightning and thunder came loudly about them like from Mount Sinai, they would not be moved to change. They don't change from what the Bible says, so how would they listen to an angel?
  I am so pained in my heart. What can I do to help them see their danger? I remember the tears of Jesus as He said, how He wanted to gather people under His wings for safety but they refused to come for shelter.

Luke 13:34 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killed the prophets, and stoned them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen [doth gather] her brood under [her] wings, and ye would not! 
13:35 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until [the time] come when ye shall say, Blessed [is] he that cometh in the name of the Lord. 

After a forest fire in Yellowstone National Park, forest rangers began their trek up a mountain to assess the inferno's damage.

One ranger found a bird literally petrified in ashes, perched statuesquely on the ground at the base of a tree.   Somewhat sickened by the eerie sight, He knocked over the bird with a stick. When he gently struck it, Three tiny chicks scurried from under their dead mother's wings.
The loving mother, keenly aware of impending disaster, had carried her offspring to the base of the tree And had gathered them under her wings, instinctively knowing that the toxic smoke would rise. She could have flown to safety but had refused to abandon her babies. Then the blaze had arrived and the heat had scorched her small body, the mother had remained steadfast.

Because she had been willing to die, those under the cover of her wings would live. "He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find
refuge." (Psalm 91:4)

You need to get under God's wings. Repent and believe in Jesus. He died for you. Believe all He says. He does not lie. Believe and obey everything God says, He never changes His law. Believing and obeying puts you under His wings.

A Keeper of a Prison Cries for Help

What Can I do to be Saved?

  A devil possessed woman followed some missionaries called Paul and Silas. She screamed to everyone that these men were servants of the Most High God. She made such a racket that hardly anyone could hear what the missionaries said. One day Paul and Silas called on God to cast out the demons in this lady. People became angry at the missionaries because the the lady wasn't telling fortunes anymore. They lost their source of income. They were furious and had the city leaders take action.  
These faithful missionaries were beat up and put into a very cruel position in the jail. Their only crime was to share the Bible truths and God healed this tormented lady when they prayed. These kind missionaries prayed for forgiveness on those who hurt them and they began to sing. 
God enjoyed the attitude of the missionaries and their music so much, He made the ground shake. My imagination sees the earth trembling as the King of the Universe comes close to His faithful missionaries who have been brave for Him. Imagine His feet tapping to the music of His faithful soldiers. The ground shook and the jail was torn apart by the earthquake God made. The jailer was about to kill himself because in the dark he was sure his prisoners had escaped. His punishment for loss of prisoners was death. Paul and Silas had influenced everyone there that night by their singing. All the prisoners seemed to know why there was an earthquake. They all stayed and Paul and Silas told the jailer not to kill himself. He dropped his sword and hurried into the dungeon jail. He wanted to see these missionaries who had no revenge in their hearts. He had a dread in his heart that his life was empty without God. He wanted the cheerfulness and peace seen in those missionaries even when they were being beaten and made fun of. He saw the light of heaven on their faces. He wanted what they had. He fell at the feet of the missionary prisoners and asked, "What must I do to be saved?" The answer was to believe on Jesus. It was so simple. The jailer washed up the wounds and they had a great Bible study with the jailer's family and all the inmates in the prison.

  Notice that immediately there was a change of how the jailer treated the missionaries. He realized these missionaries had something different. He wanted their peace. This is evidence that he was saved by believing. When you find truth and act on it, you will receive more truth. John  14 and 15 says, if you love God, you will keep the commandments, and God will show Himself to you.  (John 14:21, 23 and John 15:11)God showed himself to the jailer and the inmates that night. Those who believe Jesus, believe what He says. They believe everything He says not just choosing to obey what they want.

You know, God could have just opened the one cell that held his missionaries  that night. He shook the whole earth there because He did not want anyone to feel left out. The whole jail full of prisoners got to have a Bible study and get the blessing. Don't we have a tender, loving God?
  To have faith means not only believing but acting on what the gospel teaches. It means sharing your money and going without things you want but you do not need. It means giving till you have just enough to get by. Jesus said, that "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." John 3:3. Without looking at the gospel treasure and acting on what it teaches, we cannot be saved.

A Rich Man Cries Out for Help Mt. 19:16-22

  A rich man listened to Jesus as He was teaching. His heart was moved to cry out "What must I do to be saved?". Jesus looked into the empty heart of this man. He knew just what can bring the greatest joy and happiness into the heart of rich people. He asked a question that led to another point He could make. He saw that the man always tried to obey the 10 commandment law. He saw that the man had many treasures and wealth. This rich man loved his nice things. He told the man that he needed to sell all that he had and give to the poor. Jesus knew that this man's heart was being called by God the Holy Spirit. He knew how hard it would be for this man to give up his nice home and possessions. Most people believe that things bring happiness. So it looks like if these things are gone there will be only sad shame and emptiness. 

 Jesus did not have wealth, comfort and ease when He lived here but He was full of joy and peace. He gently told the man what was needed. The man went away sadly and gave up on hoping for heaven. He loved his wealth more than God. Jesus wanted to fill this man's heart with the greatest joy he could ever have.

  The world looks at wealth as a blessing from God. Jesus taught it is a blessing only if used to help the poor and to send missionaries to take the gospel to those who have never heard. Wealth is not for taking tours, building expensive homes, buying expensive cars, and clothing. Those who travel  without a gospel message to share, will have to answer in the judgment for how they spent the money God loaned them. There are many missionaries ready and willing to go but no funds are available. These missionaries even go without meals and live very simply doing without the comforts and conveniences in order to buy Bibles and share the gospel.
  When you find truth and act on it by giving all of your time, money, and talents to God's work, you will receive more truth. John  14 and 15 says, if you love God, you will keep the commandments, and God will show Himself to you.  (John 14:21, 23 and John 15:11) Those who believe Jesus, believe what He says. They believe everything He says not just choosing to obey what they want, keeping extra homes, and land; traveling, and buying extra cars and clothes when people are dying before they hear the gospel.
  Those who keep God's commandments also go into all the world and preach the gospel and God reveals Himself to them. Did you know that when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, the dove came and rested on Him and the voice from heaven spoke but those who had not been under God's wings did not see or hear anything? There were people watching the baptism that did not see anything from heaven or hear any voice because they had not repented of their sins.
  I used to look at the  story  of the sad rich man and puzzled over it. At first I felt it did not apply to me. I was not wealthy by American standards.   Then as I went into other countries to share the gospel, I realized I was wealthy both in goods and in gospel treasure. I cried to Jesus to help me give. Just having a car, telephone, food and a shelter placed me in a wealthy position in the world standards. Now I am willing to go without items of expensive foods, hair dressing costs, unnecessary clothing, and vacation trips so I can use every dime and dollar for spreading the gospel. I have never had more fun in all my life. Going on faith adventures for Jesus has brought a closeness to Jesus that I want more of. I can't get enough. He is really fun to know. His imagination is full of surprises for me. I ask Him for something and He comes up with a solution that totally shocks me. He has fun surprising me. Since He owns the cabins on a thousand hills, I know He can make anything we need for sharing HIS GOSPEL. He has designed the plans for HIS cabin and He will provide.  All homes and treasures will be destroyed by quakes, fires, volcanoes, floods and other disasters but we know something that will last forever. It is a relationship with Jesus. It is the Gospel truth about Him that wins hearts for heaven to live forever where there is no pain, crime, sorrow, or sadness. Songs of joy will ring from our hearts to see millions there because of our sharing.

When I go to shop, I am still tempted but I pray before I go into town that Jesus will help me use the funds He trusts me with. My time, talents, and money are His now. We must work while it is day. Night is coming when no one can work. There will be a famine in the land for the WORD of God. That means it will soon be difficult to share the gospel. 

We will soon see Jesus coming in the clouds. Now is the time to hold nothing back for living in ease. It is time to place it all in the hands of Jesus to finish the work of telling all about Jesus. Instead of turning away sadly, we need to trust Jesus will bring that greater joy and peace that His missionaries had as they endured persecution while they shared their faith. We must be willing to be beaten up  because of our sharing.

He sold everything to get the Pearl

  The kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchantman, seeking good pearls: who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it. Matt. 13:45, 46. 
"When Christ compared the kingdom of heaven to a pearl of great price He desired to lead every soul to appreciate that pearl above all else. The possession of the pearl, which means the possession of Christ as a personal Saviour, is a symbol of the highest riches. It is a treasure above every earthly treasure. . . . 
There are some who are seeking, always seeking, for the goodly pearl. But they do not make an entire surrender of their wrong habits. They do not die to self that Christ may live in them. Therefore they do not find the precious pearl. . . . They never know what it is to have peace and harmony in the soul; for without entire self-surrender there is no rest, no joy." (Heavenly Places p. 49 by Ellen White
Jesus is just about to leave the Most Holy Room where judgment has been going on since 1844. Very soon Jesus will end that work. Then probation will be closed. When that door of mercy is closed the selfish will stay selfish and those giving to share the gospel will have no more work to do. Disasters will destroy businesses and homes and all will come to an end after a period of wild upheavals in nature. It will take time for it to happen. Men's hearts will fail them for fear. People will be hungry to hear the gospel but all web sites sharing Bible truths will be gone, Bibles will be destroyed, and no one will be preaching anymore. Now is the time to ask "WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED?"

Others have cried out this question. How about you? The following quotation describes what happens when you really want to be saved.

All are judged by the law that never changes. (Exodus 20) Ask Jesus to help you keep this law.

"Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his Judgment is come." {GC88 368.3}
Sinners inquired with weeping, "
What must I do to be saved?" Those whose lives had been marked with dishonesty were anxious to make restitution. All who found peace in Christ longed to see others share the blessing. The hearts of parents were turned to their children, and the hearts of children to their parents. The barriers of pride and reserve were swept away. Heart-felt confessions were made, and the members of the household labored for the salvation of those who were nearest and dearest. Often was heard the sound of earnest intercession. Everywhere were souls in deep anguish, pleading with God. Many wrestled all night in prayer for the assurance that their sins were pardoned, or for the conversion of their relatives or neighbors. {GC88 369.1}

  So my dear friend, this is what we must do to be saved.

Give it all to Jesus and trust Him to bring us the will to keep His commandments. Ask Him to create in you a clean heart. (Ps. 51)



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The mission of Christ's servants is a high honor, and a sacred trust, "He that receiveth you," He says, "receiveth ME, and he that receiveth Me receiveth Him that sent Me." No act of kindness shown to them in His name will fail to be recognized and rewarded.  DA 354-358.

Mathew 10:38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. 
10:39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. 
10:40 He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me. 
10:41 He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward. 
10:42 And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold [water] only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward. 

More Special promises for those who help missionaries, 

and this one is my favorite:

"Everyone that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God." 1 John 4:7. {DA 638.1}
Those whom Christ commends in the judgment may have known little of theology, but they have cherished His principles. Through the influence of the divine Spirit they have been a blessing to those about them. Even among the heathen are those who have cherished the spirit of kindness; before the words of life had fallen upon their ears, they have befriended the missionaries, even ministering to them at the peril of their own lives. Among the heathen are those who worship God ignorantly, those to whom the light is never brought by human instrumentality, yet they will not perish. Though ignorant of the written law of God, they have heard His voice speaking to them in nature, and have done the things that the law required. Their works are evidence that the Holy Spirit has touched their hearts, and they are recognized as the children of God. {DA 638.2}
How surprised and gladdened will be the lowly among the nations, and among the heathen, to hear from the lips of the Saviour, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me"! How glad will be the heart of Infinite Love as His followers look up with surprise and joy at His words of approval! {DA 638.3}

Many dear relatives and friends have given to sponsor the 10 years of mission service God has called us on. Jesus says they will not lose their reward. Many have requested we keep quiet about who they are. God knows it all.
 Many in the mission field have helped us do our mission service. They have transported us and the supplies, they have translated and done so many special things for us. They are promised their reward. It takes a team to accomplish the work of spreading the gospel.

 In the years of missionary service, I have had the privilege of seeing Jesus in the eyes of people who had never heard the Bible truth. I have had them minister to my comfort and had them lift heavy burdens I carried. I have experienced them caring for me even at the peril of their own lives. I am thrilled to tell you that God has His people everywhere in this world. They are honest and long for the light we have. We must show them God's beautiful truth and invite them to HIS mansions He has prepared for them.

  I have had the most tender services rendered in washing the clothes of my children, cooking for us, and taking us places. They have carried water, and tended to me when I was sick. I have had them reach up and brush a tear off my face and bring us flowers and gifts of love. I have slept in their beds and seen that left them only to sleep on the floor. God will reward them for their love.

  I have seen them tenderly carry my sleeping children, cradling them and comforting them. I have seen them go without eating to give us their own food. With great respect and love, they have called me doctor and listened attentively as I told them of My best friend Jesus. Their love came from honest hearts open and hungry for the Bible hope of salvation. It is a delight and privilege to feed the hungry lambs simple stories Jesus told. There is no other joy on this earth that feeds the soul like this.

  As we left the little villages in Mexico we could hear all the tape players playing the Scripture music and Bible story tapes we had given out by the hundreds in Spanish. I pray the courts of heaven will ring with their songs.

  If I had my 50 years to live over, I would chose again to be God's missionary. God chose and led in my training. It was more fun to be out working than studying but preparation increases the number of ways to help others. Jesus has always provided the resources for His work. He uses His people to do this. What a privilege to be a part of His work.

To have faith means to find and accept the gospel treasure, with all the obligations which it imposes. {COL 112.4}
"Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." John 3:3. He may conjecture and imagine, but without the eye of faith he cannot see the treasure. Christ gave His life to secure for us this inestimable treasure; but without regeneration through faith in His blood, there is no remission of sins, no treasure for any perishing soul. {COL 112.5}
Search in order to learn what the Lord says. If conviction comes as you search, if you see that your cherished opinions are not in harmony with the truth, do not misinterpret the truth in order to suit your own belief, but accept the light given. Open mind and heart that you may behold wondrous things out of God's word. {COL 112.3}
Not only should he (physician) give instruction from the word of God, line upon line, precept upon precept; he is to moisten this instruction with his tears and make it strong with his prayers, that souls may be saved from death. {CH 351.4}
With the relenting compassion of a father's love, Jehovah looks upon the suffering that His Son endured in order to save the race from eternal death, and accepts us in the Beloved. {AA 209.3}
Without the cross, man could have no union with the Father. On it depends our every hope. From it shines the light of the Saviour's love, and when at the foot of the cross the sinner looks up to the One who died to save him, he may rejoice with fullness of joy, for his sins are pardoned. Kneeling in faith at the cross, he has reached the highest place to which man can attain. {AA 209.4}
  Through the cross we learn that the heavenly Father loves us with a love that is infinite. Can we wonder that Paul exclaimed, "God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ"? Galatians 6:14. It is our privilege also to glory in the cross, our privilege to give ourselves wholly to Him who gave Himself for us. Then, with the light that streams from Calvary shining in our faces, we may go forth to reveal this light to those in darkness. {AA 210.1}