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Christmas is a special time of the year when many think about the time Jesus came to live among us.
In our part of the world, we get snow in December. We have so much cold to deal with. The wood pile has to be nice and big so we can keep warm in the night and during the day. Because we have snow we think that is part of the Christmas tradition. We have been in other warm countries at Christmas time. Everyone has their own way of celebrating.

The snow begins falling at the end of October and keeps falling till April and June.

Tradition has taught us that we get surprises on December 25. Before this time, parents begin telling each other secrets and there are twinkles in their eyes. They are usually hiding things and everyone wants to know what gifts they are going to get under the tree. There are bright red table cloths that cover the table. The sweet aroma of baking treats are smelled throughout the home. Everyone gets into the fun of thinking of others.

We love to take the children for a drive into the city where a whole street is full of homes that have lights all over them. A few even have a nativity scene with figurines of  baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph are all set up like a drama.

Traditions give us security. They bring back memories of fun family times. We all need to know that we are loved.

Sometimes the relatives get together and share their special foods. The cousins can play together and everyone can forget their struggles of daily living for a short time.

A time of special giving encourages everyone to be more unselfish.

Some even put up a nice sweet smelling tree in their church and decorate it with money for Jesus. Some put gifts for needy families under a tree at church and then take the gifts to these families.


The most special stories at Christmas time are of unusual gifts that people have given and of poor families helped. One of my favorites is of two people in love with each other but they had no money to buy an expensive gift. She had long beautiful hair and decided to sell it and buy him a golden chain to fasten his pocket watch securely into his pocket. He sold his pocket watch to buy her a golden hair piece for her beautiful long hair. When he saw her cut hair he was heart broken. When she saw he had sold his watch she was sad. Yet her hair grew long again and she used her treasured hair piece he had given her. I suppose he eventually got another watch. Their love gifts had cost them something. They had given something which meant much to them to express their love. Jesus likes it when we give ourselves completely to Him. It cost Him everything to come here to live with us and then after a life of giving to people, they tortured Him.  Read the story of what He did for us. It is illustrated in part with new 3d art. It costs us something to dedicate our all to HIM, yet if we love Him dearly, we will be happy to do anything for Him.
I hope to be putting special Christmas stories into this section. Watch for them.

Would you like to know where Christmas traditions came from? How many years have people been doing this? We will be looking into the history books for answers. Does the Bible say we need to keep Christmas?

If you have a unique custom from other countries that is done during this time, I would love to hear about your favorite tradition. Please write it up for me and if you have any pictures, I would love them sent. My email is:

If you want to send me a unique Christmas card I would love it and place it on site if you do not mind. I will have a card gallery.

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To read the story of baby Jesus click here. Credits: 3d art by Kyle age 13