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The angel Gabriel appeared to a young girl Mary, who was engaged to be married to Joseph. This young girl was a virgin with high moral standards. She loved God and obeyed His laws. Mary was surprised the angel came to her.  Yet in faith, she told the angel to let it happen as God had planned.
When Mary told Joseph that she was going to have the promised baby Jesus, Joseph was angry. He thought she was lying about having had some affair with another man. He decided to break off their engagement privately so Mary would not be embarrassed. Joseph knew he had not slept with Mary. That is why he was so angry. The Bible tells this detail so no one can even say that baby Jesus  had an earthly father. No one understands how the Creator of the Universe could become a baby and live here. It is the gift of the Universe. It is a miracle. An angel was sent from heaven to tell Joseph that his dear Mary was faithful and that heaven's miracle had been sent to be born of her. He was glad he could trust Mary and they went ahead with their wedding plans. He was kind and tender with her and was her protector and helper.
There was a new law that forced all to go to the town they were born in to be counted and taxed. This law caused Mary and Joseph to set out on a long donkey ride to Bethlehem about the time baby Jesus was to be born. When they arrived, so many other visitors crowded in and took up all the guest rooms of the city. Joseph and Mary found a stable where the animals were kept. Baby Jesus was born that night. His mother was exhausted. She wrapped up baby Jesus and laid Him in the manger where the animals usually ate their food.
Angels looked for someone to share the good news with. They went from home to home and looked among the pastors and priests. No one seemed to care about the prophecies of the arrival of Jesus. Finally they discovered there were some shepherds and some wise men in the East that were watching for the promised event. First one angel appeared to the shepherds and shared the news. After the frightened shepherds were used to the light from one angel, the sky filled with choirs of angels all excited about the birth of their adored Jesus.
When the wise men saw the star they followed it many miles excitedly hoping to see the King of the Universe as a baby. They had been studying the stars, read prophecies of Balaam and had dreams that they should follow the star. They brought expensive kingly gifts. Stopping at the palace in Jerusalem, it seemed strange no one was talking about the baby king.  King Herod pretended to want to come and worship the baby too, so the wise men promised to let him know when they found baby Jesus. They were shocked to discover no one cared or seemed to know anything. 
The star led them on to Bethlehem where they found the miracle baby KING of the universe. Angels warned the wise men to go home a different way and not to tell Herod. He became furious.
The expensive gifts these very intelligent scientists brought, helped poor Mary and Joseph when they had to flee to another country. It costs money to go to another country and to rent a place to stay and get food and clothes. They had all the money they needed to get the right foods for Mary to eat so Jesus would grow just right.
King Herod declared all babies under age 2 should be killed.
Just in time, an angel from heaven told Mary and Joseph to take  baby Jesus and flee into Egypt to live for awhile. After Herod died, the child Jesus, with his parents Mary and Joseph, went  back to their homeland. Satan was defeated again in His efforts to destroy the King of the Universe.
The little family eventually went back to Nazareth where Joseph had his business of carpentry.
As a young child, Jesus was obedient to Mary and Joseph. His mother taught Him scripture songs. He was schooled at home. He did extra chores to be helpful. He was always gentle and kind to animals. Often He went without eating so He could share his food with poor people. Every day Jesus prayed to God in heaven. Jesus showed us how to be loving. He never sinned.
Jesus was baptized by His cousin John when He was 30. After His special time with God in the wilderness, Satan tried to get Him to sin but He only responded with Scriptures. 
The first miracle Jesus performed was at a wedding of His relatives where they ran out of grape juice. He had them fill jugs with water and then pour it into the glasses of the guests. The water turned to pure grape juice. This was a symbol of Jesus. He is the living water. The grape juice is a symbol of the ultimate gift of His life.
The sick, demon possessed, and poor were brought daily to Jesus for help. The blind were made to see, the deaf were  made to hear. The lame were made to walk again. The hungry crowds of 5-12 thousand were fed with bread Jesus made miraculously from small donations of food. The lepers were healed. These same things Jesus could do for us today if we asked Him to in faith. His arm is not any weaker than it was then. Jesus stopped storms on the lake and sent demons running whenever He was around. He obtained this power during hours of praying to His Father God in heaven. You and I can have the same results if we spend time daily reading our Bibles, praying and thinking about heavenly things. There is nothing impossible with God. He had many death threats but His life was protected until it was time to die for the sins of the world.
Jesus prayed all night outside in a garden called Gethsemane. He knew Judas, his disciple would betray Him that night. He had always known the heart of Judas and tried all He could do to win the heart of Judas. However, Judas loved money so much, he was sneaking for himself, funds given to keep Jesus comfortable. Jesus did not tell everyone about the problem Judas had. He kept it quiet and kept giving him many chances to ask forgiveness and be saved. Jesus knew ahead of time about the final trials and persecution torture of the cross. He sweat great drops of blood as He agonized over the events at hand. He was so close to God that when He took our sins on His shoulders, it caused separation of God and Jesus. The wages of sin is death. Jesus took our punishment so that we by believing on Him could have eternal life if we trust and obey. This separation was so painful to Jesus that He almost died there in the garden. An angel came and strengthened Him.
All that Satan could do was done to torture Jesus at the cross. He failed. Jesus did not give up on us. He went through as He had planned.  In the darkness about the cross was hidden God and the angels. They were not singing. They were trembling and crying as they saw their beloved Jesus suffering. God had to hold back the angels from rushing to comfort Him. He had to drink the bitter cup of death for our sins. They had agreed ahead of time He would take what we deserved so we could live. He died the death of sinners who have no hope. He looked out on the crowd about the cross and saw people He had helped. They were very ungrateful and mean. It seemed no one cared about His great gift of life He was making available to those who believe and obey. He died of a broken heart.

The whole universe watched the drama of Satan's hatred of Jesus. This was the point at which all were completely convinced how hateful the heart of the banished angel, Satan, was. He only wanted to torture God and all that He created. There is no sympathy left for this banished angel. He is now defeated.

Jesus was placed in the tomb of a rich man Joseph on Friday afternoon before Sabbath began. Early Sunday morning angels came and called to Jesus. He came out of the grave. He made a quick trip that very day to heaven and back. He wanted to make sure with God that He had done all exactly as they had planned. Then He came back to strengthen the disciples for their work of spreading the gospel. 
After 40 days, He went back to heaven to work for us.
The KING of the Universe had come to earth  from Heaven. He came from where He was adored and highly honored. He came to live among humans  where He was made fun of. Death threats were on Him continuously. He came to live among people who were troubled by years of torment from Satan. We didn't know heaven's ways of kindness and love. We are so used to the ways of selfishness that so few even cared that He came to help us. 
The King of heaven has choirs that sing to and with Him. His smallest requests cause angels to hurry to do anything with joy in their hearts for the privilege of doing something for God.
A body was prepared for Him to live in. He became like us so He could teach us heaven's ways. This is the miracle for the world and the watching universe. All Israelites knew that He would be born in the ancestral line from king David. The prophecies pointed out that He would be born in Bethlehem.

Hebrews 10:5 Wherefore when he cometh into the world, he said,... a body hast thou prepared me: 

Take up your cross and follow Jesus. He is preparing a special home in heaven for all who are not afraid of going through suffering for Jesus.




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