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Welcome to the desert section of our little book of healthy recipes. To see more info and health programs, visit our web site: The Bible lessons have several health lessons under lesson 20 of Basic Bible.

These deserts are collections of favorite treats that have no animal products in them. We have also studied how to substitute flavors of items found to harm the body such as cinnamon and other spices. Sugar used is in its natural form full of vitamins to promote healthy teens and children. The recipes you will find on this web site are favorites of even the most finicky and will thrill children and teenagers. These have been tested at potlucks. Remember the beauty and color of the food are the first giant step to getting the "thumbs up" from children.

Have fun treating your family!


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Try out our Cheese cake.

Look at these Cookies. Jenny specializes in cookies to sell for Bibles

Check out the Fruit Pizza.

Look at this Best Pumpkin Pie.

This desert is real yummy. Peach apple Crisp.

Banana Muffin Mini Shells make a beautiful party splash.

Carob Cream Pie in Mini shells