23 God's Mark

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L23 Mark of God


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The Angel said, "..we mark the servants of our God with a seal on their foreheads." Rev. 7:3

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The angels write on the foreheads of those who keep the commandments of God. They write with an invisible ink. The angels can read the mark real easy but not you. No human can read it. The angel places a mark on the foreheads of all who are separated from sin and sinners. To have this mark, you need God's help to get rid of all the shouting or hateful feelings. Instead, you need to be kind and loving to each other. Ephesians 1:13, and 4:30.

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When you go to another country to visit you need a passport that has your name and picture on it. The passport also has the name of the country that you belong to.

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Since you are planning to go to God's country, heaven, you need a passport. This is a different kind of passport because Jesus says you belong in His country when you love and obey Him. His passport has a symbol. This symbol is the ten commandments. When you keep God's 10 commandments, He says you belong to His country.

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His commanding angel writes on your forehead with invisible ink. The invisible seal on your forehead is like your passport to heaven. God knows who His commandment keepers are. He can see everything. He even sees what is done secretly under you bed or in your closet.

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Here is an example of the passport of the United States. It says that you are supposed to be treated nice. You are to get help if you need it and protection while in the foreign country. The symbol of the eagle represents the United States.

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Inside this passport book, is a picture of the person who carries the passport. The birthday and full name of the person is also inside.

Bibles23_4.gif (3717 bytes)The angel writes on your forehead when you are settled into the truth. That means you will not change your mind No matter how hard it is to obey the 10 commandments, you will. No matter if people say you cannot even buy food or clothes. God's people will keep His commandments. All you think about when you are sealed is trying to copy Jesus. He will help you obey. He is glad to help. Wouldn't you like to have a passport to heaven? If you lie, or reject the things the Bible teaches, the Commanding Angel cannot put the seal of God on you. You cannot have a passport to heaven. (Revelation 7:2) More on this topic can be found in Revelation Studies for Children, lessons 12 the 7th Trumpet, 13 Conflict, and 14 Remnant.

To read more about the importance of knowing the Bible and the Bible only read Revelation Studies for Children lesson 11 on the two Witnesses.