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L1 The Sanctuary


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Wilderness Tabernacle

Many years ago near Mount Sinai Moses was told by God to make a Sanctuary tent so God could camp right in the middle of all their tents. Moses was shown how to make this tent. He saw pictures of heaven and the sanctuary up there. He saw pictures like a video. He was supposed to be real careful to copy what he saw. He was really careful to obey. He wrote everything down in Exodus and Leviticus and Numbers. Everyone in the camp gave their pretty gold, silver, precious gems, and cloth. Everyone helped to build God¡¯s tent. God said He wanted to live right in the middle of the camp. He wanted to be close to all of them. (Texts:Exodus 25:8,9, Hebrews 8:5; Hebrews 9:23,24)

DAT3.gif (18692 bytes)Luke wrote about this Sanctuary in Acts 7:44. He said it was made like the one Moses had seen in Heaven.


 DAT4.gif (26125 bytes)Another Bible writer, Paul, said in the book of Hebrews 9:23-28 that the tent was copied. He said the one in heaven was where Jesus went to work. Jesus works there as our High Priest. A third Bible writer, John, talked about looking into the Sanctuary in Heaven. He saw the candlesticks. He saw the golden altar of incense.

Angels bring your prayers to the altar of incense in Heaven. God hears every prayer you pray. These prayers are like the sweet perfume of incense.


 DAT5.gif (34384 bytes)John saw the inner, Most Holy room where the ark was. He said the ark had the ten commandments in it.


 DAT7.gif (36994 bytes)In the Sanctuary in Heaven the King of Kings lives. Ten thousand times ten thousand sing to Him and do what He asks them to do. There are angels called Seraphim that cover their faces in respect for the King. John saw the gold ark in heaven with the ten commandments in it. The High Priest wears clothes that have colors that mean something. There is red, purple, and blue on His outer robe. The next robe under that is all blue. The long robe under everything with long sleeves is pure white. These are all described in the book called "Let them Make Me a Sanctuary in Their Hearts. Each piece of furniture in the tabernacle is also discussed in this book first in the series.


DAT9.gif (17087 bytes)When the tent was finished, God showed Moses what church services He wanted them to have. There were morning and evening services called the "daily" service. A lamb was brought to the altar in the courtyard. The lamb was clean and without one blemish. It had no broken bones or sickness. It did not have any ugly marks on it. It was perfect just like Jesus was perfect when He died for our sins. The sinner placed his hands on the lamb and said he was sorry for his sins.