10 144 Thousand

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They sang ... a new song ... and no one could learn that song except the one hundred and forty-four thousand ... Revelation 14: 3

  In the first part of the Bible we learn about twelve children of Jacob. In the last part of the Bible we learn about their grandchildren. Anyone who loves God and does what He asks can be one of the grandchildren.

The Bible says there will be so many in Heaven that we cannot count them. There is a group that you can count. Can you count to ten? Well, you can count to ten a whole lot of times until it makes one hundred forty-four thousand. You have to count to ten, fourteen thousand times. That is a lot of people.

This group of people gets to do extra special things in Heaven. They get to go wherever Jesus goes. They sing a song that no one else can sing.

They sing a song about what happened to them just before Jesus came (Revelation 14: 3) No one else can sing because no one else had seen what they saw just before Jesus came. They saw volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes. They saw floods washing away houses. They saw people killing others for trying to follow what the Bible teaches. They obeyed God anyway no matter how hard it was.

This group of people has the seal of God in their foreheads and in their hands. Jesus' friend John talks about this seal in Revelation 7: 2- 4. It had something to do with the ten commandments. In Revelation 14: 12 John said they keep the commandments. They have made up their minds. No matter how hard it is to keep the commandments, they will. Their hands have a seal because they will only do as Jesus would do. The seal in their foreheads means they will only think like Jesus would.

Have you made up your mind? Wouldn't you like to keep the commandments?