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Mr. Job Secret!


Jobsores_bf24.gif (33084 bytes)The Bible story of Job has a very close resemblance to experiences we have had in the last 10 years. God had a very important point to make by putting Job's story in the Bible. There are many chapters to the story of Job in the Bible. My little story book will not have that many. There are many people who have lost everything from fire, earthquake, flood, theft or other reasons. Job lost everything. When the health is all gone, friends are few, and everything is going wrong, do not give up. Go camp in the book of Job like we did. It will help you understand a little about all the questions you have. Sometimes you wish you could die because you are so miserable. When it seems like ending your life is the best thing to do, stop and go to the book of Job.

Job was a man that lived a long, long, long time ago. He might have lived before the flood. It was probably Moses that wrote the story down for the Bible. Job had ten children. He had 7 boys and 3 girls. Job had thousands of camels, cattle, sheep and many servants. When his children grew up, they had homes of their own. They loved each other and were having a party in a brother's house. Their good dad Job was praying for them everyday as he always did. Job was always looking for and helping people in need. There were many women he helped with food when their husband died. He looked for children whose parents had died. He gave them chances to make something of themselves. Job was such a kind man. Everyday he prayed to God for forgiveness for any mistakes he or his family had made. His servants were paid fair wages. He was always fair as he traded or did business with anyone. Job was very honest. People respected Job and admired how wealthy he was.

L2d.gif (9313 bytes)Satan did not like how Job never did what he wanted. He told God that Job was only trying to be kind because he knew God would give him presents of money and animals and things. God said this was not true about Job. This good man loved Him and nothing would force Job to do otherwise. Satan said God was wrong. Satan wanted to show God He was wrong by taking things from Job. God allowed Satan to do bad things. God told his protecting angels to stand back but not to allow Satan to do anything to Job.

oxen2.jpg (6082 bytes)

Thieves came and grabbed Job's oxen plowing the fields. They killed all the servants except one who ran fast to tell Job. While this servant was reporting his story of loss, another servant came running with another message.

Jobfire_bf32.gif (17790 bytes)

While the sheep were in the fields, fire came out of the sky and burned them up. It must have been like lightning. Only one servant survived. He ran to tell Job. While he was waiting his turn to tell his story another servant came running with a sad story.

sheep.JPG (6174 bytes)

camel.JPG (4700 bytes)The Chaldeans stole all the camels and killed the servants except the one who escaped to tell the story. While this servant was reporting this sad story to Job, another servant came running with the worst story. He was the only one who escaped out of the house of Job¡¯s oldest son. A big wind like a tornado hit the home where the party was going on. The roof came down and smashed and killed all ten of Jobs children.

Jobhousdown_bf5.gif (4708 bytes)When Job heard this, he tore his clothes and started crying. He could stand the loss of animals but loosing his beloved children broke his heart. To show deep sadness in those days, people tore their clothes. This showed they felt like their heart was ripping apart. Poor Mr. Job. He lost all his children in one day. In the picture, it shows his ten children have been lined up under sheets ready to be buried. Think about the funeral that must have been. What a sad day for Job and his wife. Job fell to his knees. He said, "The Lord gave to me and now He has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." He was crying in sadness. He did not understand why this all had happened to him. If God had warned him, the test would have been easier. Job trusted God anyway. He did not let go.