21 Giving to Jesus

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L21 Gifts for God

Bibles21-1.gif (3410 bytes)Tithe

Bring the full amount of your tithes to the temple.  Malachi 3:10

Bibles21-2.gif (4837 bytes)Every person who comes to Jesus wants to give to Jesus. They are thankful for the BIG GIFT Jesus gave us on the cross. Jesus helps us in all our troubles, so that we are able to help others. Who have all kinds of troubles. II Corinthians 1:4.

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In Leviticus the Bible tells us that all the tithe of the land is the Lord's. Tithe is one tenth. One tenth of all the produce of the land, even grain or fruit, belongs to the Lord. If you have ten dimes, one belongs to Jesus. Can you count the dimes? Color one gold for Jesus. That gold one is not yours it is God's. If you keep it you are stealing from God. That gold dime goes in the offering plate and it should be in an envelope. The envelope should have the word tithe written on it. The tithe is used to support the ministers or pastors. That is what the Bible says it is to be used for. Numbers 18:21. The ministers are those who are teaching God's Word and leading the church members.

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The Bible uses a beautiful symbol to make you think. He says if you return your tithes and give offerings, He will open the windows of heaven and give you so much, you will not be able to hold it all. Malachi 3:10 & 11. God gives you what you need to eat. He gives your mom and dad strength to work so they can earn money and buy what you need.

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He says in Psalms that your work will bring in enough money for your needs. Psalms 128:2. You can not give more to God than He gives to you.

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The Bible tells us that God is eager to make us happy and to give everyone presents. But He can only do it for those who ask Him into their lives every day. He must be invited. When you do this watch out! He will open the windows of heaven and start pouring all kinds of nice things for you. Remember to share and you will get more.