5 God So Loved the World

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For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.

John 3: 16

Jesus felt the horrible sadness that sin brings. It made Him feel so bad that he hurt all over. He went to the garden of Gethsemane to pray. He had a hard time breathing. His face turned white. It almost looked blue. He was so sad. Then Jesus started sweating. He sweat blood. Blood came out of the pores in His skin because He felt so sad. He was under the pressure of all our sins.

God suffered with His Son. Angels watched from Heaven. It was real quiet in Heaven. No one sang. They grieved as they watched God separating His love and joy from Jesus. Three times Jesus almost gave up. He almost died. Satan made Him feel depressed and discouraged. Angels wanted to help Him but God had them wait awhile. Finally God let the strongest angel in Heaven rush to Jesus. He made Jesus feel better. Jesus stood up and was able to face the mean soldiers who came to put Him on the cross.

We can be safe from Satan because of what Jesus did for us. We are healed by what He suffered. Isaiah 53

All of us are like sheep that were lost. Each of us ran our own way. But Jesus took the punishment that we should have had. Isaiah 53: 6

Jesus was put on a cross on top of a hill called the Skull. Mathew 27: 32. He was put to death for our sins. He never ever did anything wrong. He never even told a lie.

Just like lambs are quiet when their coats are taken off, Jesus never said a word. Satan made bad men pound nails into Jesus hands and feet. But He did not yell and scream. He quietly asked God to forgive them.

Luke 23: 34.

I am thankful to Jesus for the BIG GIFT that He gave to me aren't you?