7 Gods In Control

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Surely the Lord will do nothing, but He revealeth His secrets to ... the prophets.

(Amos 3: 7)


 Little Jesus studied the prophecies. He learned from His scrolls what Daniel says about our day. He studied about some animal pictures. He learned that the strange animals were not real animals. They were supposed to make Him think about things that would happen later.

Jesus learned what was going to happen clear up to the end of the world. He was happy that God's people would study the Bible for themselves.

While He was studying Daniel 7 He imagined He was looking at huge animals coming out of the water. The first one looked like a lion but it has two wings. While he watched, the wind blew and the lion's wings were torn off.


The second animal looked like a big bear. It was munching on three bones that looked like ribs.


 The third animal looked like a big wild cat called a leopard. See his spots? He really looked funny. He had four heads and four wings.



The fourth beast was terrible looking. Daniel had not seen any animal that it looked like. It was hard to tell about it. It was a real strong animal. It had teeth as strong as iron. It could chew up anything without breaking its teeth. Anything it did not eat, it smashed with its feet. It had ten horns sticking out of its head. While Daniel was watching this scary animal, a baby horn started to grow in the middle of the ten big horns. This baby horn grew to be bigger than the other horns. It needed room so it pushed three horns out by the roots. This horn talked like a man.

Jesus studied these animals so He could understand what they teach. He knew that God was in control and would warn His people of what was to happen.

We can study our Bibles like Jesus did. We can know about the horn that talked.

When Mary taught Jesus the prophecies, He did not understand it all at once. Little by little, He put th meanings together with the pictures. The more we read God's word, the more we understand. Read these lessons over and over and you will learn like young Jesus did.

After careful study, as Jesus got older, He noticed that the four beasts were telling about the same things as the image Nebuchadnezar dreamed about.

Jesus had a friend when He grew up that He loved very much. His name was John. When John was an old man, he had a vision. He saw a leopard with seven heads. It had ten crowns. Its feet were like a bear's feet. It had a mouth that was like a lion's mouth. In Revelation thirteen he wrote down everything he saw. One of the leopard's heads had a bad sore. It almost died. But it came back. This leopard hurt God's people for fourty-two months. This leopard is just like the little baby horn that Daniel described. Everyone worshiped the dragon and the leopard beast. The leopard beast gave power to the dragon.

History tells us that Constantine donated his capital city to the Bishop. The city was called Rome. He also gave him his army and money. The baby horn of the dragon said rude and naughty things.

Another beast John saw had lamb horns and yet it talked like the dragon. This beast represents the United States. This beast gave the leopard power to say that no one can buy or sell unless they have the number 666. As you get older, you will want to understand this better. The lamb like beast told the dragon that he could hurt God's people. These pictures are important. For now, remember that God is in charge of all that happens. He is in control. He is your protector.