41 Keep Burning

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L41 Keep Burning

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

Revelation 2: 29



You forgot your first love. I'm worried that your light is almost out. It used to burn so bright. The ones who love again will get to eat from the tree of life.


The One Who holds the stars and visits every member of the churches

Jesus does everything He can to keep the lamps from burning out. Jesus said He was watching their lampstand and noticed all the good things they had done, but there was a problem that was so serious, it was making their light go out. They had lost their ability to love. He said that if they did not change, He would have to take their lampstand out of its place.

Love for Jesus is not a fitful feeling but shows itself in action. It will be lived out as well as expressed. It warms the hearts of teachers and students as the Holy Spirit softens and unifies them in love. The Lord wants us to empty our hearts of sin every day. He can help us do that. Then we can taste the powers of the world to come (Revelation 2: 1- 7).


Don't give up when you are hit by mud balls.

Dear Smyrna,

I noticed that people are mean to you because you love and work for Me. Do not give up. Those who think that it does not matter what you do, just believe, I am worried about you. The one who stays faithful will not be hurt by the worst event, the second death.


The One Who was made fun of, was beat up, and died, but is now alive.

Sometimes when children do not like someone, they throw rocks or mud at them or hit or kick. Sometimes they bite or pinch. When an adult wants to show anger, they sometimes do these things too. But usually they use their mouth to cause the damage. They say mean and hateful things. Many times they do this when that person is not there to hear. This may cause many people not to like that person either. This is slander. Satan's helpers do these things to anyone that is on God's team. The church of Smyrna was told not to give up when people in the church slandered them or when they were thrown in prison. Jesus encouraged them to be faithful even to death and He would reward them with a crown of life. He knew the Smyrna church was poor, but He said they were rich. He must have meant rich in faith. Jesus was proud of them and wanted them to stay on His team. He does not want you to be afraid if Satan's helpers put you in prison for talking about Jesus.


The Sword of Truth

Dear Pergamum,

I know you live where Satan lives. I am glad that you do not give up your faith.

I am concerned that some of you think it is fine to worship idols and commit adultery. I mean that you put other things or people in place of Me and made up church beliefs in place of Bible truth. Also some of you believe the dangerous doctrine that it does not matter what you do, just believe in God.

If you do not change, I will cut away the rough places with my Sword of truth. I have to do this to keep your light from going out.

If you repent and follow Me, you can have a white rock with a new name and you can eat manna with Me


The One with the double edged Sword in His mouth

The hidden manna is another symbol of God's Word. I wonder what the white rock is! Do you think that, since God is like a rock, that it means we will be like Him? We can be firm as a rock in our friendship with God. Even though our sins have been red, God can make us white as snow (Isaiah 1: 18).


Reflect Jesus not selfish Jezebel

Dear Thyatira,

I know that you have done good things, and are loving and faithful. You are even doing better things now that before. But there is a serious problem. You tolerate Jezebel who calls herself a prophetess and leads many to commit adultery, and worship idols.

These people will be punished with sickness and trouble. Those of you who refuse to follow Jezebel, must hold fast to your faith until I come. He that turns away from Jezebel who keeps My rules until I come will be given authority over nations. I will also give him the morning star.


The One with eyes of fire that see everything and feet of burnished bronze that have walked on earth.

Jesus has experienced the trials and temptations on this earth. He was worried the lamp was going to go out at Thyatira because of the wicked teachings of Jezebel. You remember, she lived during the time of Elijah. Instead of drawing attention to Jesus and Hi s Word, Jezebel wanted everyone to look at her and her pretty clothes. It was nothing for her to kill the prophets of God to get what she wanted.

Have you ever seen anyone like Jezebel? Being the center of attention may be a dangerous thing for Christians. Instead of encouraging every one to look at us, followers of Jesus are pointing people to what God is like. Everyone who really loves God will do without some thing like a new dress or new car so that they could do some mission work for Jesus. They will also reflect light from the Bright and Morning Star by the way they live. They will also reflect light from the Bright and Morning Star by the way they live. They will not be trying to show off their talents but will point to Jesus, Who should be in the center of the circle of our lives.

The Morning Star is Jesus (Revelation 22: 16). Every true follower of Jesus catches the beams from the Morning Star, and reflects the light to those who are in darkness. Not only do they shine in their own neighborhoods, but as a church they go to distant places that need light.


Are you Dead or Alive?

Dear Sardis,

I love you so much. I carry you around in My hand to make sure nothing happens to you. I am worried that your light is going out. You think you are alive, but you are dead. Some of you are barely alive. Hurry and wake up.

If you wake up, you can wear a beautiful white robe. If you do not wake up, it will be a surprise when I come. It will be like a robber has broken into your house. Please wake up. Please, I love you.



What does this letter mean? We are still breathing. We can't be dead. It must be another symbol of how we feel about God.

In Romans 6: 11 Paul says we need to be dead to sin but alive to Jesus. The love of self and pleasure seeking destroys our peace.

How can we tell if we are dead or alive to Jesus? If I am dead, how will I know it? We can tell by taking a look at what we like to talk about and think about the most. What do we like to do and read the most? If our favorite thing to do is read the Bible and pray, and share what we have learned, then we are alive to Jesus.


The Door is Open

I know the good you have done. I have opened a door to Heaven for everyone who believes and follows. I opened this door when I shed my blood. No one can shut this door. I am glad that you have not denied My Name. I will make those in the church of Satan to recognize that I love you. Because you have been true, I will keep you during the hour of testing that is about to come on the whole world. I am coming quickly. Hang onto what you have and do not let anyone take your crown.


The One who is Holy, True and has the Key to the house of David

Our Redeemer was born to Mary, one of the descendents of David. He has opened the way so that the most sinful, most needy, the most oppressed and despised, may find access to the Father. In faith you can say, "Jesus, I believe." Then you can follow His commandments. No one can close the door on you. Heaven is open to the prayers of everyone.


To Those who Dislike Work

Dear Laodicea,

You are just lukewarm. I do not like lukewarm water. Because you are lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth. You think you are rich, and do not need anything, but you are miserable, poor, blind and naked.

I am standing at your door with things for sale that will fix the problems. Will you open the door?


The Faithful and True Witness

Jonah decided it was time for a vacation when God called him to do a job. After 3 days in the belly of a fish, Jonah was spit out on land and he decided he would do his job.

Pleasure seekers see no need to work. They do not realize they are miserable, poor, blind and naked. They need to be digging for truth as for hidden treasure. They need to be praying for clearer light so that they can see better. Then they need to be looking for someone to share the light with. They need to love others as Jesus does. The lukewarm person thinks he is a good Christian. But when Jesus goes to pray for Him before the Father, He feels sick and nauseated and throws up.

I do not want to be spit out of Jesus mouth when He starts to pray for what I need. I want to study my Bible and pray. I love to work for Him, don't you?