20 Health

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You are God's temple and ... God's Spirit lives in you. 1 Corinthians 3: 16

In the beginning God told the Adam and Eve what food to eat. Since He made them, He knew what would keep them healthy. He told them to eat fruits, nuts and grains.

Genesis 1: 29

 These foods are very very good for you. Later on after they disobeyed God and had to leave their home, God gave them vegetables. After the flood, He gave them meat to eat. Some meat is not clean. In the Bible, in Leviticus chapter 11, God tells which meat is ok to eat. Meat that comes from pigs is dangerous. Pigs eat anything. Their job is to clean up garbage. Any part of the pig, God said, is not to be eaten. Look on labels of things you buy. Make sure the label does not say Lard. Lard comes from pigs.

Now days we have a lot of good food so we do not need to eat meat. Animals have diseases like cancer and parasites, and poisons from dangerous chemicals. You will be much healthier if you do not eat any meat. It is important to study how to eat a nice balanced variety of food without meat. All of the vitamins and protein that you need can be found in a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts.

Try these fun dishes for breakfast: Take multigrain bread and make toast. Puree fresh or canned apricots. Cut toast into the shape of angels. A bent opening to a can works great like a cookie cutter to make wings. Fresh or frozen blueberries can be pretend people the angel watches over. Put three fresh or canned grapes on the head for a halo. Even a sleepy eyed toddler who won't eat breakfast will be tempted to eat this angel!

A red watermelon haired happy face with cherry eyes, peach half nose and sliced banna mouth can decorate whole grain waffles or pancakes. Another option is to put applesauce on and then the happy face.

A whole grain cereal with raisins, nuts and dates is a very complete meal. An apple or banana is good to eat along with it. To be healthy we need to eat different foods each day.

When we have problems that make us feel like crying, we need to talk to God about them. We are stronger and healthier if we let Him worry about things for us.

When we are sleeping we need fresh air in our bedrooms. During the day we need to have sunlight in our bedrooms. Sunlight can kill germs. If you play in the sunlight you do not get sick as often. The sun is like a doctor that keeps you well. Another doctor that God has given us is water. We need to drink six to eight cups of water a day. Drinking juice or pop does not count.

When you follow God's simple rules, you will be stronger and smarter. You will do better in school. Another reason to keep God's health laws is that it is fun to be strong and healthy.