9 Three Angels

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Here are they that keep the commandments and the faith of Jesus.

Revelation 14: 12

  Jesus had a friend whose name was John. This friend had a dream where he saw 3 angels. Each angel had something very important to say. The first angel sounded like he was telling time. The clock in this angels hands says it is almost midnight. This angel was shouting something in a big loud voice. He said it was time for God to look at the record books. These record books have everything written that you have ever said. The kind things and the bad things that you have done are written down. You cannot keep anything a secret from God. He is looking at the books to decide if you should be in Heaven.

The second angel said that Babylon fell down. he meant that some churches did not even want to follow what the Bible teaches. The Bible teaches us what God wants us to do. The angel warned that some churches were not doing what the Bible says. Are you doing what the Bible says?


 The third angel shouted in a great big loud voice. Do you know what he was yelling? He said not to copy the beast and get his mark. Then he said what God's people would do. They would keep the ten commandments even though it would be hard (Revelation 14: 12). Some churches have made up their own ten commandments. They erased God's second commandment, and changed the wording on the fourth commandment. If you ask, God will help you understand the what the Bible teaches.