3 Jesus the Lamb

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The lamb who was killed is worthy to receive power, wealth, wisdom and strength, honor, glory, and praise!

Revelation 5: 12


Many years ago Jesus came to live on this earth. He was born in a barn while His mother was in Bethlehem paying her taxes. People were surprised that the King of Heaven would be born in a barn. There were no rooms left in the motels for His parents to stay in that night. If you had been there that night would you have let him stay in your room? Would you have let Him sleep in your bed? What an honor that would have been.


Often Jesus expressed the happiness He felt by singing. What a pleasant child He was to have around! He always helped His mother and father. He played and thought just like all children do. But He was always kind. He was never rude. He never hurt anyone. He always told the truth. He was this way because He loved to study the Bible. His mother helped Him learn when He was too little to read. She sang Bible verses all day long. He hummed along. She taught him Bible stories and Bible prophecies. No wonder He knew His Bible so well. You can learn your Bible just like Jesus did. It is fun to study the Bible.

Jesus had always been kind to children and adults. He loved to hold the children in His lap and tell them stories. It was fun to be near Jesus. He always made the children feel special. He told them they had something adults do not have. He said the children have a special kind of faith. They believed what He said.




Jesus was a kind and thoughtful little boy. He taught everyone to think of themselves as gifted. There were people that other children would make fun of. Jesus did not make fun of them. He told them they were gifted, special, and deeply loved by God in Heaven. It did not matter what they looked like; what they smelled like; or what they sounded like. He encouraged them to think of themselves as gifted and talented.


For many years God's people had killed a lamb and offered it as a sacrifice. This was hard to do because they loved their animals. The lamb represented Jesus. It was hard for Him to come and die for our sins. He did come because He loved us very much.


 Satan made bad men pound nails into Jesus hands and feet. They put Him on the cross to die. He did not yell at them. He did not scream. He quietly asked God in Heaven to forgive them. He said they did not know what they were doing.


  At the cross selfish Satan showed how much he hated Jesus. He made bad men spit at Jesus. He made bad men kick and hit Jesus. He showed everyone that all he wanted to do was destroy Jesus. Jesus did not fight back. He asked God to forgive them. He showed how much God loves even the meanest people. I want to be loving like Jesus was, don't you? I am glad that He dies for our sins aren't you?