19 Baptism

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John the Baptist told God's people that they needed to be sorry for their sins and be baptized.

Baptism is to make us think of what Jesus has done for us. We think of His death, burial and resurrection. Romans 6: 3& 4

John the Baptist told God's people that they needed to be sorry for their sins and be baptized. Baptism is a big word. It means to be covered up. Sometimes we disobey our parents or we are mean to others. We call that sin. Baptism washes sin away like soap and water can wash dirt away. It is really Jesus who is making you clean when you are baptized. Your sins are covered up when Jesus makes you clean. Jesus gave us an example. He had John baptize Him. He was not sprinkled because the Bible says He came UP out of the water.

In the sanctuary, the bronze colored laver is where the priest washed his feet before going into God's tent. While they were getting their feet clean, they were supposed to pray that they would be clean inside too. They needed to be forgiven for being naughty. They needed to be sorry for when they made a mistake. They needed God to help them to be kind and unselfish.

Jesus asks us to wash each other's feet to show that we can love and forgive each other. The bronze colored laver in the sanctuary teaches about baptism and foot washing. These help us to think about Jesus washing away our sins.

King Solomon made a very big sanctuary. The laver was so big that many people called it the SEA OF GLASS. The Bible tells us about a SEA OF GLASS in Heaven. It is in front of the gates. That is where God's people are given their presents before they enter Heaven. ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO ARE LOVING AND CAN FORGIVE OTHERS WILL BE THERE. We will have learned how to love each other. Jesus can help you to forgive. Jesus can help you to love. Jesus can help you to love. All you have to do is ask Him.