38 Feed My Sheep

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Do you love Me more than these, feed my lambs.

John 21:15


 Three times Peter said he did not even know Jesus in the court of the high priest. When Jesus looked at him it broke Peter's heart. He heard the rooster crow as Jesus said would happen.

Humbled by his big sin of denying Jesus during the trial, Peter realized how weak he was. As He learned to trust in God for His strength, Jesus forgave him. He gave him a very important job. The job of feeding not only the sheep but the tender pet lambs. This was a delicate job. He wanted him to gently nurture the flock as a shepherd. John 21. The word for lambs that He used, meant "my own pet lambs". He had a special love for the world full of lambs. The little lambs are the children around the world. God has a special love for children..

Jesus used the best methods for catching people's attention. He told stories about things people were used to seeing. He drew lessons from these that illustrated important things for their salvation. Nature themes were used over and over. He spoke of seeds, birds, lilies, water, and bread. Everyday these items were visible to the people. They never looked at these things again without remembering His lessons.


 To break down prejudice, Jesus asked favors. The Jews and Samaritans were enemies. But Jesus asked a Samaritan lady for a drink while she was getting water from the well. His trust awakened her trust. She stopped ignoring Him. Then he raised her curiosity by telling her He could give her a kind of water that would make it so she never got thirsty. After a short visit with Him, she became so excited, she left her water jug and ran to find her friends. She forgot to give Jesus a drink, she was so thrilled.

Many times Jesus started and ended His lessons with a quiz. Before this Samaritan lady could receive the gift Jesus wanted to hive her, she needed to recognize her sin and Who her Savior was. He mentioned the six men she had lived with. Jesus convinced her that He could read her thoughts yet she felt she could trust Him. She read in His face that He valued her and loved her.

The one who tastes of the love of Christ will always want more. Jesus is like a well that never runs dry. From this well we may get strength for all our needs. He will help us find the best methods for reaching people They in turn will bring others to the Well. (Desire of Ages pp. 183-187, John 4:1-42)