22 Mark of Beast

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L22 Mark of the Beast


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The beast forced all the people to have a mark placed on their right hand or on their foreheads. Rev. 13:16

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Just before Jesus comes, there will be a real mess on this world! Angels are keeping the trouble away until you have had a chance to be sealed. (Revelation 7:2,3) The word "sealed" means to make up your mind to always do what Jesus asks. He asks us to keep the Ten Commandments as written in Exodus 20. Many people have tried to change the commandments. Make sure you know what Exodus 20 says.

In the Bible in Revelation, John tells us that the Dragon ? who is Satan and his helpers ? will be mean to anyone who keeps the 10 commandments and have the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy. Make sure you are not a helper of the Dragon. Do not be mean to anyone keeping the commandments.

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If you look at your lesson number 7, you will see this beast. This big animal was a dragon with horns. We are just looking at the horns in this picture. This talking horn has mean things to say. He says he can change God's laws. He actually tries to change God's Commandment laws. Many people read what he says and think it is really the 10 Commandments of God. These are very honest sincere people but they are tricked only because they do not go to the Bible to see if it is right.

This horn says everyone should respect him because he is God's representative. God told us about this power using symbols. If you want to know more about this power, look in Revelation studies for children lesson 15 and lesson 21(not up yet). There is also more in the Daniel studies for children in lesson 7 and 8 (not up yet).

There is a powerful nation represented by the buffalo seen in lesson 7, that will make everyone do what the talking horn power wants. He wants everyone to worship God on a different day than God says to in the 10 Commandments. God's people who will later be taken to heaven, will refuse to obey anyone but God on this issue. They will show their loyalty to God by keeping the Bible Sabbath. The Bible and the Bible only will be their motto.

(There is more information about this buffalo power in Revelation Studies for Children Lesson 16 and Daniel studies lesson 12 (not up yet)).

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In Revelation 13:11, the Bison also called Buffalo, a lamb like beast makes everyone have a mark on their foreheads or hands. If they do not, they cannot buy food. They are prevented from buying or selling anything. This law is made to make them so afraid of starving and looking ragged that they will change their minds. But God's loyal people who plan to live in heaven, will follow the Bible instructions. They will say they must keep God's law. They know that God will provide for them as He did for Elijah and other people mentioned in the Bible stories.


Those who do what Satan wants even when they find out it is wrong, will get Satan's mark. We do not know what the mark looks like. The Bible says the name of the beast adds up to the number 666.

When you decide who to follow, wouldn't it be nice to have the mark of Jesus in your forehead?

If you want to know the secret of who this beast is, Revelation 13:14 has the answer. It has the number of a man. The number 666 is what Vicarius Filii Dei comes to in Roman numerals.

In Daniel 7:21-25 it says that the talking horn on this beast wages war against saints, subdues three kings, speaks against the Most High (which is God) and tries to change God's laws.