India 2003

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Introduction to India

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(Cashew fruit & nut)

The second trip into India, our team was much smaller. We were directed there as a direct request from God knowing there was danger ahead. He prepared us by dreams and directives for how to pack and when to go. He provided for tickets and protection throughout all our work for Him. We saw the mighty power of God. The following stories tell of our experiences as we endeavored to keep in step with the Master on HIS MISSION project.

Cashew treeYoung Cashew
Hindu drawings symbols for their different gods. These are drawn in the doorway outside dwellings in the dirt. They use chalk.
Typical head burdens. Coconut oil is put in the hair of women.  Jasmine flowers are commonly worn in the hair. It's fragrance is light and clean. They lovingly decorated our hair with these flowers.
God even provided an upgrade in airplane seating where Dr. Rose could rest her painful back in a reclining chair and elevate her injured leg on the return path. The long transatlantic flight lasts 15 hours and the comfort of this was such a great help. There were also extra juice beverages and food offered to give the needed nourishment. The lap top hook up available for power is really nice. This blessing occurred as a gratitude gift from Cathay Pacific for a passenger who had been treated by Dr. Rose on a flight out of India in 2002. 
Gratitude expressions and showing honor: Shawl, flower garlands, and food were given on our last night to show appreciation for our bringing gospel messages to them.

  Indian hospitality first offers water, then food, then clothes and finally money.

Indian Foods available besides white rice and curry that a vegan vegetarian who does not eat spices (mustard, chili, etc) can eat:
Typical preparation of Chapattis.(Like Mexican Tortilla)

Garbanzos or chick peas are available. Then there was a wheat flour bread like object called "bonda" with coconut, raisins and honey that was deep fried.

Potatoes and onions as well as garlic and other vegetables are available for cooking up a stew or soup.
Moonja, or ice apple from the palm is only available in April and May.


                                                           Banana, sapote, and mangos, almonds, papaya are available also Mar-May

Transportation options: Bicycle board Rickshaw, Auto Rickshaw, Bicycle rickshaw with canopy, taxi, train, bus, etc.
Little trained monkeys are used to help children beg for money for food.
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 Indian children are very beautiful. They are taught to respect the adults and aged. They are very loving and spontaneous. We really enjoyed their attention to Bible stories. When it came to quiz time these bright children were quick to answer. The beauty fades rapidly at a young age.

As they age so quickly, I was curious what health problems they encounter besides the open sewers. During the 4 months we did medical clinics and visited through 4 states of India, we watched for ways to help medically. There are many health challenges but one in particular seems to cause the greatest suffering.

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Throughout Andra Pradesh, India, there are ulcer causing and cancer causing irritants used in all of their food.  Ninety nine percent of the complaints in medical clinics were pain of the stomach.  Another very common complaint is nervousness and weakness. There is a heavy use of mustard which irritates and weakens their nervous systems. Even breakfast cereal is filled with these hot mustard seeds. Cinnamon is used in curries. There are other items not even called "spices" by them that burn like fire. Andra Pradesh is known for the hottest spices and use of chili. The fiery hot spices seem to leave their stamp on the character also. This area has been the hardest of the places in the world I have been,  because of extreme temper flare ups. Of all the places in the world I have been on mission trips, none compare with the rage encountered here. While people stand in line to be seen in clinic, they cause nose bleeds in others they think don't deserve to be in line ahead. Fist fights were observed often. Women are physically abused often over trivial things. Instant, explosive, hot anger was experienced several times over things people in other parts of the world would just smile over. As a doctor, I see the daily diet provides an explanation to this problem. They are using daily several food elements which produce irritations of the nervous system.

The Whole System Suffers.--"Through the use of stimulants, the whole system suffers. The nerves are unbalanced, the liver is morbid in its action, the quality and circulation of the blood are affected, and the skin becomes inactive and sallow. The mind, too, is injured. The immediate influence of these stimulants is to excite the brain to undue activity, only to leave it weaker and less capable of exertion. The aftereffect is prostration, not only mental and physical, but moral. As a result we see nervous men and women, of unsound judgment 
and unbalanced mind. They often manifest a hasty, impatient, accusing spirit, viewing the faults of others as through a magnifying glass, and utterly unable to discern their own defects"--Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, pages 35,36. {Te 78.4}

Within seconds after eating the boiled potatoes, my mouth turned into a blazing inferno. My hand covered my mouth as I attempted to cool my tongue with air. Pouring water into my mouth, the sensation worsened. Finally, the pain slowly subsided as I wiped the tears from my eyes. Then commenced the hours of pain in the region of the stomach. Our tender systems are not used to any hot spice whether mild or medium.  All our cells are totally alive to sense such "fire". There was a total look of shock on all our faces for we had just requested plain boiled potatoes. Yet somehow, the kettle used had previously cooked some extremely hot Indian pepper curry. Though it had been washed, it had somehow absorbed the potent pepper fire. The hottest climates produce the hottest spices. The 130 degree F weather in Andhra Pradesh, India certainly produced the spices which compete for top place in the world for their fire. The most common complaints I find in our free medical clinics are stomach pain. Ulcers result from the death of cells and constant irritation. Over time this can lead to cancer.

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