Sekuripalem Series

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Sekuripalem Miracles

The train experience from bla bla blas was a challenge but we had help. We sat in the open doorway because the train was so full. Kyle and I sat on the speaker boxes and Lennin sat on a box. Jenny and brother Rao found a tiny spot  on the crowded benches. After taking electrolytes, the heat did not seen so overwhelming. I was getting dizzy from it as we jolted along back to Tenali for our next gospel efforts.

 God gave us a cloud cover and a ring about the moon and sun. It encouraged me. I was so weary. They said that over the Bay of Bengal was a storm that threatened to come inland and lay over trees. God kept it out in the Bay and thus cooled His overheated missionaries.There is a doctor who wants us to come to his town but it is 8 hrs away from Tenali by train. I am not sure it will fit in the remaining time before we leave out for home. The expenses to get there and back did not make sense for only a short time working there.

Securipalem people heard I could come and speak and it was advertised  by word of mouth. Many showed up to listen. I felt right at home among friends. They asked for medical help remembering the year previous. We were impressed at how loving Sekuripalem people were.

  It made the horrible ride out to that village worth the trip. The rough road made such a pounding experience on the back of my legs that I developed a deep vein thrombus. A large black left leg swelling double it's normal, made my work there and at the next village a bit risky for my health. I prayed and Jesus the great Doctor, healed me and I was able to keep  going planting seeds beside all waters.

No one can appreciate the blessings of redemption unless he feels that he can joyfully afford to make any and every sacrifice for the love of Christ. Every sacrifice made for Christ enriches the giver, and every suffering and privation endured for his dear sake increases the overcomer's final joy in heaven. --Vol. 4, p. 219.


   The generator was running out of fuel and the auto hurried off for purchasing more. WE prayed they could get back before we ran out. They made it back just in time as it was running out.

   Another time the generator needed to be checked by Lenin but there was no light to see. He prayed and suddenly someone showed up just looking up with the light. God had sent a light just in time. It was almost dry when he looked.

   Another time the generator broke down and tools were needed for repairs. The person who had the tools had left the village. Someone used what they had and the repairs were made while I was preaching about the test of loyalty and the mark of the beast.  It seemed that The power finally came on at the end when it was most important to see. However the screen on the lap top was given enough power to show only those on the mat what we were speaking on regarding the mark of the beast. When the power came on, those listening from their homes heard the final discussion about heaven. IT was better to do it that way and thus not offend those who had not heard the meetings which led up to that touchy subject.

  Every day as we arrived, Jenny and I went door to door and prayed in homes and visited with the people while Kyle and Lenin set up and guarded equipment from curious fingers. We were able to develop close friendships and trust this way. Yet in the final day of meeting Sabbath in the church these people were not brave enough to come inside the church. They came to windows, and reached through with flowers to decorate our hair and say loving good byes. There is so much of a risk to them in these villages to be seen going into the church. They can be even banished from family and village homes. It takes such courage for them.

  Hundreds came to meetings. Daily a frog came to meeting. At about the same time each evening he hopped up and sat in front of the screen waiting for the program to begin. He looked like the tomato frog we showed that first night. In Bapatla another visited us and was captured. A microphone placed to his lips to encourage him to give special music. He obliged.

  Each evening many came to have us pray for them.

  At the end of these meetings 48 requested baptism but were hindered. I saw 2 baptized by the pastor.