Roof Top Ministry

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Roof Top Ministry

We traveled by car to an alley way and began to set up. 

  As the Mathew DVD began to play and brother M. read from Mathew in Telegu, there were heads and eyes of curious onlookers from even behind the sheet.

  The loud singing and clapping and special music ended and Jenny gave her story power point. Then there was a health talk and I spoke about as it was in the days of Lot. I finished with second coming pictures and my testimony and heaven pictures.

  I was too busy speaking to notice who was watching.

  I did see there were many auto drivers, taxi drivers, and motorcycles stopping and watching from the end of the alley.

  On the roof tops there were people who governed the city and were Hindu. One wealthy man from across the street had built a big temple. He was watching. Many who were not allowed to come to meeting of any Christian type were able to hear from their own homes up on the roof. Here the refreshing seeds of the Gospel were scattered. This word for word account from Mathew is so unmixed with human ideas. It really draws crowds. They all watched and listened attentively all through the rest of the meeting after the film.

  Only in heaven will the final results be known. God put seeds into hearts that He will water. The believers who provided the power and lights that evening will receive blessings for their part in that seed sowing event. There are so many involved in getting the seeds to their destination.

    At times I feel so lonely yet Jesus holds me in His everlasting arms. My two children are my comfort and fellow companions in this ministry.

Safe In the Arms of Jesus,
Trusting in our Father's presence,
Your fellow laborer in the Master's

Look at this great statement: "..every deed of kindness done to uplift a fallen soul, every act of mercy, is accepted as done to Him." DA 638

He says "It was I who was hungry, and thirsty. It was I who was a stranger. It was I who was sick. It was I who was in prison. While you were feasting at your bountifully spread table, I was famishing in the hovel or the empty street. While you were at ease in your luxurious home,

I had not where to lay My head.  While you crowded your wardrobe with rich apparel, I was destitute. While you pursued your pleasures, I languished in prison." DA 639

"..every deed of kindness done to uplift a fallen soul, every act of mercy, is accepted as done to Him." DA 638
To Moses, when called to minister to an ignorant, undisciplined, and rebellious people, God gave the promise, "My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest." and He said, "Certainly I will be with thee." Ex. 33:14: 3:12. This promise is to all who labor in Christ's stead for His afflicted and suffering ones. DA 641