Gods  Battery Charge

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Daily we had to pray over the equipment. There were shorts in the system, and it would shut down mid program. It was a constant reminder that nothing we did could do any good without Jesus' power. He had to provide wisdom constantly to keep the programs going.

First the hinge froze up on the right of the screen of the lap top. Every time it was opened or shut, it would open up the casing and one could see into the works of the computer. Dust was always in the air and the risk was increasing that which could cause it to non function. I prayed and layed my hands on it asking for God to heal it.  I took my anointing healing oil and worked it into the hinge to lubricate things but the hinge continued to resist all efforts. Suddenly the casing crumbled away and the hinge was gone. The whole right side of the screen flopped in the breeze. I was amazed it even operated. When the wind blew strongly, it would short out and screen would go blank and the computer shut down. I held it propped to prevent such tension.

It daily was a miracle the computer kept on working. It was also a miracle that I could keep going. Only by the power of God did the work get done.

Next the computer received large shock waves which would cause great pain when I advanced to the next slide. A pencil eraser helped to move things on to the next slide.

The power cord fell apart and had to be soldered on 3 different occasions. When it fell apart again, we taped and reinforced things with sticks. This had to be rewired many times. One evening it took repeated efforts over the course of an hour and a half for things to be able to pass the current on through to operate the computer. The computer was kept outside it's case and the delicate plug alone with power strip were carefully transported to meeting. Everything worked.
One Sabbath morning as we neared the village of Sekuripalem, we decided to walk instead of taking the beating of the bumpy auto rickshaw ride. We found an insect called a praying mantis. It is so named because it looks like it is praying all day as it waits for some other insect to happen along. It then pounces on its prey and gobbles it up. Since my digital camera was full, I had to wait till we reached the village and could empty pictures into the computer. The computer opened up accepted the pictures into file and then blacked out for there was no battery charge left. It was totally without any battery charge and the building had no power for there was a village wide power cut. These cuts happen every day and many times a day. It is real hard on refrigerators and other equipment.

When it was time to photograph the praying mantis, it flew to the computer and it was pictured there. I mused that it was praying for the same thing we were. We needed the computer to work for church service and there was no power on in the village.

We prayed for power with the church people and God did not send it to the building. He just sent it into my computer. He charged the battery to 3 percent. Every few seconds during that hour service, the warning beep came on and I prayed again. I was constantly reminded through that whole service that only God has the power to accomplish heart changes. Normally a 3 percent charge will give me power for 1-3 minutes. He had His reasons for only charging it 3 percent and then reminding me to pray. This was an amazing miracle to my mind. I saw God do the impossible. My own spiritual battery needed constant charge. Jesus did that for me day by day. He never left me or forsook me for even one minute throughout the seed sowing in India.