Phase 3

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Sunday, I was asked to speak in two different Lutheran church services. As soon as the last one was finished we scurried over to the home, gathered our things, ate, and headed to the train station. We headed to Tenalli for the amazing sum of 14 rupees each. It was a pleasant savings over the taxi costs we had expended going to Chirala. (650 rupees) Brother Rao was good at showing me how I could travel in much less expensive way. It was amazing how many things they put into little spaces.

  We laid plans for holding meetings the last 3 weeks of May before our departure to America. Lenin came from Spicer College to encourage me. We had worked with him at Lowry College last year and looked forward to his visit. He had read of our challenges and sent promises, music, and prayed for our courage. He agreed to stay on the roof top and assist in meeting set ups and equipment repairs and in caring for Kyle. He was great at finding things in the market to help us gain back our lost weight. He was always looking for ways to make our stay more comfortable. Like a faithful son, he offered to do many chores carrying things and was such a blessing.  He helped take Kyle out daily with emails to communicate with family and friends praying for us and supporting the evangelistic meetings. We could not have done without him for we were so weary. He had the gift of seeing ways to comfort and cheerfully did anything to bring our smiles.

  The adjoining village to Angalakudu where we first preached all the doctrines, has some Adventist families. They heard brother Rao's voice over the sound system as he translated for me those last 3 days of my first series. They came to listen to our doctrines presented. They  requested that we do meetings in their place. I was excited about being able to freely preach our 3 Angels message Revelation seminar with health talks, right next to where we drew crowds of 3,000. I expected we could draw those who were under conviction and wanted baptism. Then we could have the Adventist pastor involved for baptisms. I praised God for this answer to my prayers for the sheep who had been convicted by the WORD of God. We ordered the generator. It was 300 rupees for daily rent plus another 110 for fuel they called “oil”. It was such an encouragement to hear that a little five year old had made baby blankets and sold them to cover 3 days rent of generator. Her brother made waffles and sold them to cover 5 more days. This really touched our hearts and gave us energy to keep going. God is finishing the work in the most unexpected ways.