Mexico Mission 76

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Mexico Student Missionary stories


Under this section, you will find many stories of our mission trip into Southern Mexico in 1976-1977.  At age 24 and 25 we had faith and courage to venture into the unknown for God. I had prayed for over a year that God would find me a spot to work as a missionary. Here was my chance. My husband was hesitant but willing. All our friends were busy gaining material things and making their homes. Here we were headed off on a trip which could only bring experience. We would have no funds for the next year's college fees. How would we graduate? We left it all in God's hands. This was a life changing experience. We gained years of maturity and an insight that opened up our horizons.

  A little will be added each day till this section is completed. (November 2002)

 As young college students, we utilized the memorial funds of a sweet girl who had her life ended abruptly by a cruel man. The dear parents wanted her dream of being a missionary nurse to happen. They placed the memorial funds towards sending us to Mexico. A 27 bed hospital needed volunteer nurses and we were sent to answer the call. Both of us had completed our 3rd year of nurses training at Walla Walla College.

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